The Maker of South Park On Netflix’s Reputation After Chappelle’s Response

South Park creator Matt Stone says Netflix’s reputation has grown because of their response to the controversy surrounding Chappelle’s special The Closer.

South Park Producer Matt Stone says Netflix’s reputation has grown because of their response to Dave Chappelle’s special comedy controversy. Stone and Trey Parker are the creators of South Park, the animated comedy show which has been running since 1997 and is in its 24th season with many more. The duo produced the series while in college, which later debuted on Comedy Central and became a cultural event. While called a comedy series, the show has long been a venue for socio-political commentary on almost every subject imaginable, whether it’s religion, celebrity, pop culture, politics, or any number of issues faced in the U.S. and the world alike, all playing with constantly dark, rude, and hilarious hijinks through the eyes of four boys living in the fake town of South Park, Colorado.

Chappelle is one of the most well-known comedians working today and facing controversy recently for his latest Netflix special, The Closer. The special cause of a riot within the Trans community, prompted an organized walkout of several dozen employees to join a protest against it. Netflix CEO, Ted Sarandos, stands by the creative freedom of the special Chappelle, while marking that he is “nasuko” the original words of his message to the staff issuing the special, but that it will remain on the streaming service. Sarandos remained adamant about supporting the freedom to create the platform, while adding that at times. “… there are things on Netflix you don’t like.”

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In an interview with THR talks about the future of South Park, who has always been a source of controversy, Stone addressed the controversy, commenting on Netflix’s response to supporting Chappelle throughout it. Stone said he believes it enhances Netflix’s reputation in the Hollywood community, especially among most creatives in the industry. He said they were happy to see Netflix’s decision to stand up for their talent, which is something in common. South Park the makers have to persevere from the beginning. Here is Stone’s full comment on this:

“I think Netflix’s reputation in the Hollywood community has improved. That’s all I can say. There are some people who don’t agree. But most Hollywood creators are happy with Netflix’s decision. That’s my feeling. I can’t. that will be proven. ”

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Both Stone and Parker are facing the same backlash South Park throughout the year and have “zero concern about criticism, anger or cultural cancellation” with the full purpose of speaking “their stories, their ways” with animated show. “We have been waiting to be canceled for 30 years, “Stone said, explaining that it could change who was involved in the show, but it was something they both adjusted to. Stone said, “… We’ve been dealing with this shit the whole time we’ve been doing the show. And we can’t complain. Things are good for us. It gives us fodder and gives us something to talk about.” Both Stone and Parker are set to debut a number of South Park special to Paramount+ in the coming years, with the show revised by season 30 and a total of 14 more projects in the works on their new deal with Viacom.

While it’s fair to protest or criticize any movie or TV show, it’s easy to understand why those who risk and push the boundaries of Hollywood would be happy with Netflix’s decision to stand up for their talent. Stone and Parker are two people who have been fighting that fight for decades and definitely have some understanding of what it means to have a group try to silence your creative efforts because of illness. While listening to and understanding any group’s complaints about a specific project is a good rule of thumb, canceling, thwarting, and suppressing the creative efforts of a perceived violation of one group or another is a dangerous road. If the shackles of censorship are placed on projects that are intended to be controversial or challenging, the definition of creative freedom will lose all meaning, which is a risk that Netflix clearly cannot and is something that South Park the makers understand very well.

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Source: THR

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