The Messy Cork Beef Pumpkin Decoration

Do you drink alcohol but don’t know what to do with the remaining corks? Now is your time to shine! This cork wine pumpkin is the easiest to make, a great life-changing project, and great for decorating the entire fall season. All you need are corks, some glue, paint, and a few more small craft tools to waste the treasure in minutes!

wine cork pumpkin held by female rose

Cork Pumpkin in Wine

Pumpkins are everywhere from the first of August to November, but sometimes you need a fake pumpkin for decoration that won’t rot or go bad before the season is over. I love to add pumpkins to mantles, on tables, wreaths, and more. The little squash in wine cork is not only a fun craft but a beautiful one that is easy to customize for your home and style.

If you have any excess corks left after you make the pumpkin (s), then check out the many lists of arts to be done with the remaining corks. Tons of ideas from birdhouses to signs and everything in between!

side of cork pumpkin painted orange on white table

Where Can I Find Cork Wine If I Don’t Drink?

You are lucky if you are like me and never drink alcohol. There are tons of ways and places to use or even new corks.

First of all, I go to friends and family because some of them have corks they like to keep and give to me when crafting. Second, I asked local restaurants and wineries in my area if I could buy or have corks instead of throwing them away. You’re amazed at how willing they are to keep a box for them so you can get their hands on it.

In the end, you may not know it, but corks are always sold at your local craft store. Because they have become popular in crafting, they are easily found in stores that sell craft tools. Of course, you can also buy it Amazon for the most part, or still in use corks from Etsy individuals. There is no shortage of area options for your production projects.

orange squash made of cork on the table with fake leaves

What Paint is Best for Wine Corks?

I always come up with basic acrylic craft paint for projects that use cork. It will stay on top and will not soak the cork as much. Avoid using watercolor or any water -based paint because you won’t get a nice color and a lot of the cork will shine. If you want a more unique look, you may prefer watercolor.

Keep in mind though, if you’re doing this children’s project, that any paint you choose is non -toxic for safety. Most generic acrylic craft paints are no longer toxic and safe for children but I always say double check for safety.

cork pumpkin in front of paper jack or lantern

Do I Have to Paint the Whole Cork?

It’s up to you and how you plan to use the pumpkins. If you place them on a shelf or mantle where only the front of the pumpkin is shown, then you don’t have to paint all the cork. Just brush the paint on the front of the cork, or maybe high if you think it will show.

If you plan to display it as part of a centerpiece where all the sides can be seen, after you have glued the cork, you may want to go ahead and paint both sides of the top, and around the top and side in the shape of a squash. Make it much easier for you to show up any way you want. Just know to increase your drying time before you can proceed to the next step.

orange cork pumpkin on blue table

Can I Hang My Pumpkin in Cork?

You sure are! Just secure a piece of ribbon, lace, twine, or rope to the top of the pumpkin. You can heat glue it in place, or I like the idea of ​​placing it between the cork and hanging on top to be more secure. Then hang that loop on a nail or hook on the wall or ceiling.

You can also push the cork behind a nail or similar hanging hook and it will stay in place without the ribbon, but I prefer the ribbon to prevent the cork from cracking and breaking quickly.

woman holding wine in cork cork

Required Ingredients

cork paintbrush and table paint

How to Make a Pumpkin Wine in Cork

Glue the four wine corks together.

hands holding the four cork of the table

On top of those, glue the five corks of wine and the top of the bottom layer. They overlap slightly with each other.

two piles of cork are glued together

In the third row, glue the six corks of wine.

For the fourth row, glue five corks of wine, and the last fifth row four corks of wine. You’ll want to make a little bit of the bottom of the more half of a traditional squash.

the corks glued together in the shape of a squash on the white table

Using a paint brush, lay the orange paint on the front of the corks. If you want to paint both sides, allow the first to dry completely before transferring to paint the back.

painted orange cork squash

Wrap the wire or pipe cleaner around a ballpoint pen to create a spring shape.

wire to wrap the hand around the ballpoint pen

On top of the squash, glue a green leaf.

Then add the cork standing upright

hand holding the cork over the pumpkin

Next, add the spring.

Finally, use a small piece of raffia to make a bow that will be glued under the “stem” cork.

hand gluing bow over pumpkin

Now you can hang or show off your pumpkin!

orange pumpkin made of cork by hands

Lots of Fun Pumpkin Pipes

Since pumpkins are the most iconic image of the fall season, you should have some of them in your home decor. This year you can add pumpkins throughout your decor with a few projects at the bottom. Whether it’s a simple craft, crown, or elaborate centerpiece, we have tons of great ideas to add to your fall crafting list. Be sure to bookmark, pin, or print these ideas to get it done right away!

Provision: 1

cork pumpkin in front of blue couch

Take out the old wine corks and turn them into a beautiful decorative pumpkin with storm wine that is ideal for all your fall timeless decorations!

Active Time
20 minutes

More Time
30 minutes

Total Time
50 minutes


Estimated cost
$ 2


Paint orange, dark red, coffee, gold, or yellow for a more natural looking pumpkin.

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Project Gallery completed

orange pumpkin made of cork on white table

Add glitter spray to make your pumpkin sparkle.

cork pumpkin on the table

You can paint it any shade of orange, red, yellow, coffee, or green for fall warm colors.

cork pumpkin on the table in front of the pumpkins and lights

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