The MixtapE! Presented by Aespa, Lauren Jauregui and Many New Music Awards

The new music Friday is an exciting, yet frightening prospect for any music lover.

Cause it’s a weekend getaway where fan-favorite artists and fresh faces alike are dropping their latest offerings for all the world to hear, flooding streaming services and digital vendors with an attack on aural goodies. But who has the time to sit there and listen to everyone before updating their playlists? There is so much good stuff! (And, if we’re honest, there are usually some smells too, too.)

As it turned out, we did. Welcome to The MixtapE!

There is a new “Savage” in town.

In three days, K-pop girl group Aespa exceeded 55 million views on its kickass music video for “Savage,” the debut mini album of the same name. That’s half the number of visions already Megan Thee Stallion received by him official audio video for his “Savage” (the unrelated force of nature chosen at first a year and a half).

Clearly, Aespa is ready to spotlight the first album Karina, Giselle, Winter and sheen—Less than a year after their solo debut “Black Mamba.”

The power girl continues to 10/10 debut from Julia Wolf and Lauren Jauregui, along with a powerful new ballad by ark and the.

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