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Kingdom Hearts 3 was released for the PC in March 2021, and it didn’t take long for modders to add a lot of weird and strange mods to the nowhere KH3.

Hearts of the Kingdom 3 came to PC in March 2021, and for the first time in the franchise’s nearly 20-year history, players have finally introduced a specific part of the gameplay they’ve been waiting for: mods. As expected, the Hearts of the Kingdom The mods quickly got a little bit.

the Hearts of the Kingdom The series has been exclusive to the PlayStation for most of its life, only to be brought to the Xbox in 2020. This and the Hearts of the Kingdom PC the ports seem to be part of an attempt to make the series more accessible to new fans, combining the various games in the series into multiple package designs and enabling new players to the franchise is easily experienced throughout.

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Given the natural laughter of Hearts of the Kingdom‘premise – us aka crossover between Final Fantasy Disney games and properties – the series is a natural canvas for creative and inventive modding. And with so much unmatched potential, it didn’t take long for fans to get started. The game was recently added to the PC, therefore Hearts of the Kingdom modders there isn’t a lot of time to really do much more to tear up the face – but there are already a few unusual mods released.

Funny Mods in KH3: Hearts of the Kingdom Guy Family

Funny Heart of the Kingdom 3 Mods

If players find themselves tired of Hearts of the Kingdom 3menu item, they can give it a new overlay, courtesy of DemurerFire’s Main Family Menu at DemurerFire Guy Guy, which will be replaced with the usual menu artwork of characters from the television series Family Guy.

Funny Mods in KH3: Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Funny Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

Instead face Luxord’s playing cards in combat, players now have the option to challenge him to a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel by download Yu-Gi-Oh Cards by DemurerFire mod

Funny Mods in KH3: Dropping Sounds

Funny Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

If players want to give Sora a fresh new look, they need to look beyond Drip Sora in junior0438 mod, which – according to its creator – only exists to provide KH3 Sora ‘crazy dripping. “

Funny Mods in KH3: Play As Waluigi

Funny Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

As the title suggests, Play by aboy53 Ingon Waluigi The mod allows the player to switch from Sora to Waluigi, complete with a tennis racket as a weapon. Even if he doesn’t have face animations yet, the mod replaces almost all of Sora’s battles with the iconic WaluigiWOW!

Funny Mods in KH3: Comics Big Frying Pan

Funny Kingdom Hearts 3 Mods PC

SputnikMan123 Comics Lots of Fryingpan mod just added: a comically large frying pan for Sora to use instead of his iconic Keyblade weapon. The mod even comes with a new command deck that comes with it.

This selection is not really comprehensive, as there are almost 400 mods in the games Nexus page As time goes on, it is more likely that players can expect to see even unknown mods come out of the Hearts of the Kingdom 3 community as modders show their creativity and sense of humor.

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