The New and Improved Ultimate Studio Wallpaper Design

After I shared my issues with the current studio wallpaper with you a few days ago, my mom (a Photoshop genius) volunteered to help me get the wallpaper right. After reminding him that the wallpaper goes in my house (the house of someone who loves lots of colors and patterns) and not in his house (the house of someone who is not too crazy about lots of bright colors and patterns) ), I gave the original wallpaper image to him to see what he could do with it. Here is the original wallpaper image.

If you read my last post was a few days agoyou’ll remember it’s usually the dark purple flower that I have trouble with, but that red flower is a bit too much for me.

I really like the changes he made. He didn’t change it so much that it drained all the life out of the wallpaper, but he softened it enough so that none of the flowers looked like they were glowing. And he did an amazing job of taking a dark purple flower (the one that turns into a dark purple splotch when standing across the room) and adding light and definition to it so it doesn’t become a dark purple spots.

Here is the new and improved wallpaper:

So here’s a look at both sides, with the original wallpaper on the left, and the new and improved wallpaper on the right.

It’s colorful and fun and vibrant, but I think the new one plays better in the room.

So you can see the difference, here is the original wallpaper in its current size on the actual wall…

Here’s what it looks like in the mockup I did a while back when I was considering the IKEA Pax cabinets, but the wallpaper is an actual picture on the wall…

And this will give you a good idea of ​​how the new and improved wallpaper will look on that wall in the same scale.

This is an improvement, but as I made the mock up above, I kept thinking that it would be better if the flowers were bigger. That way (1) the flowers will be clearly visible from across the room, and none of them will be discolored when viewed from a distance, and (2) less design variation will be seen. , so that the design can ‘ seem less busy.

I made a mock-up using larger flowers, and… I LOVED it!

I really wanted a design with big flowers from the beginning, but I didn’t know of a place that would print such a design since it’s a mural and not your standard repeated wallpaper . The only place I know of where I can upload my own image is Spoonflower, and they only offer repeat wallpaper printed on 24-inch wide wallpaper. That means the image you upload to Spoonflower will repeat every 24 inches. That makes it impossible to upload and print large designs that don’t fit on a 24-inch width again.

But in the time since I designed that original wallpaper and now, I discovered my favorite wallpaper mural store — Photo wall. That’s where I got the mural I used in our recent bathroom remodel…

and they allow you to upload your own image, and they will print a mural from it. That means I’m not bound by the 24-inch width of standard wallpaper, and I can make the design as large as I want.

So this is the plan. I have my image with new and improved colors, and now I need it printed larger than the original wallpaper.

I also have to decide if I want to put a new design on the back entry. Regardless of what I decide, the green goes, as does the black and white floor design (that was a strong decision, but more on that later).

studio progress on 10-25-2019 - 16

But I just can’t decide if I want to bring the flower mural to the back entrance, or leave the walls a solid color.

If I don’t do the mural on the back entry walls, I can print the fabric design, and recover my desk chair with the floral fabric to bring the floral design into the “office” area of ​​the studio. I found this photo yesterday from Rifle Paper Co.’s Instagram account, and I absolutely love this floral chair. I can picture a table chair covered in my bright floral pattern.

So I’ll play around with the size of the flowers on that wall to make sure I have them the way I want them, and then I’ll order the mural for that wall. I don’t have to make a decision on the entryway right now. I can always order that later.

I still haven’t nailed down the whole design for the studio and half bathroom, but things are slowly starting to come together in my head. I hope to have a general plan to share with you soon.

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