The NRA Was Forced to Cancel the Concert while Lee Greenwood Participated in Mass Exodus

the National Rifle Association was forced to cancel his “Grand Ole Night of Freedom” concert after the event became free of talent. Mr. “God Bless the USA” himself, Trump’s staunch supporter Lee Greenwood, joined a mass exodus of musicians trying to distance themselves from the NRA after the tragic school shooting in Uvalde , Texas.

As Greenwood explains Fox and Friends (by The Everyday Beast), he felt that the concert performance was an endorsement of the AR-15, which was used to kill 19 children and two teachers. “For me to go and play in the NRA just a few days after the shooting is an endorsement, and people will consider that as such. [me saying] ‘I love this weapon.’ Apparently, that weapon killed the kids. I can never go. ”

He became the latest actor to pull off what turned out to be a mass exodus. Earlier this week, Don McClean’s “American Pie” was celebrated announced his retreatsaying, “I decided it was disrespectful and harmful for me to perform for the NRA at their convention in Houston this week.”

Aside from those two, T. Graham Brown, Larry Stewart, Larry Gatlin, and SiriusXM Y2Kountry host Danielle Peck all announced to the public their departure from the concert on Friday morning. Jacob Bryant, who is believed to be the last remaining actor set to appear, tweet it’s noon on ET that he “dropped out yesterday.”

Among the scheduled performers, the NRA’s strongest criticism came from 74-year-old gospel singer Gatlin. He robbed the lobbying group for not supporting background checks, he said USA Today, “I’m a Second Amendment guy. But the Second Amendment should not apply to everyone. It seems simple. ”

The horrific events in Uvalde caused all sorts of pop culture entities to consider it violent. Now, Stranger Things added a disclaimer in Season 4 first in an episode describing children in violent situations.

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