The Office: Why Andy Sailed To the Caribbean

Andy’s departure from the family ship seems sudden for The Office, and it turns out that Ed Helms has something to do with his character’s story.

Andy Bernard fell out of grace The office after his sudden trip to the Caribbean, and it turns out that Ed Helms plays a role in the unequal fate of his character. Andy has been a supporting character throughout the popular sitcom at work, with his musical antics and anger issues creating some of the show’s excitement. He started as an employee of Dunder Mifflin’s Stamford branch before moving to Scranton during the merger, after becoming manager two seasons after. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) leaves The office.

Things start to come down to Andy’s character, especially on his return from a work trip to Florida in season 8. After discovering that Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) has taken her job as manager, overtake Andy out of anger and fired. Former Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace (Andy Buckley) is later fired by Andy after the company is repurchased, but Andy’s behavior and actions throughout the series actually ruined his overall narrative.

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Andy’s sudden decision to sail his family boat to the Caribbean before it was sold was irrelevant, but it happened because of Helms ’involvement in other projects. The actor ended up missing seven consecutive seasons during the 9th season The office due to discrepancies in the filming of The Hangover Part III, the last film in the comedy trilogy that gave him a surge in popularity. Instead of writing everything to Andy, the character is given the sailing story until Helms returns.

However, Andy’s departure affected his relationship with his co -workers, especially his girlfriend and Dunder Mifflin secretary Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper). With Andy left to pick up the pieces after his father fled with the family’s money, he acted with surprising maturity on the task of selling the family property. But once Erin convinces Andy to take the family ship for a final reunion, Andy leaves the Caribbean with no confidence for what caused their relationship – failing the show with “they want -no-they “gather. Later, Andy’s resentment for Erin knowing that he has moved gives him a serious behavioral problem with everyone throughout the show. But he neglected Erin, and her failure to accept the consequences of her actions showed a lack of maturity.

A lack of respect for his work also ensued Andy Bernard is no different The office season 9, and damaged his reputation on the show. The office was able to tie together the loss of their manager, even nailing the record-setting sale. But Andy, perhaps unsure of his position after being so lost at work, acted arrogantly on his return. It didn’t matter why he came back with little consequence, even if he blew a lot of sales and Wallace’s knowledge of the boat trip. He actually let go of the hook. And things got worse later when Andy decided to stop and pursue his dream as a professional artist, undermining the grace given to him. There are so many times that Andy will come and go because of Helms ’involvement to redeem Andy’s actions at the end of The office.

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