The Pedestrian: Warehouse Puzzle Solutions

The Pedestrian, a side-scrolling platform game with 2D puzzles in a 3D world, players embark on their journey to an impossible location in a warehouse. From whiteboards to traffic signs to elevator panels, The Pedestrian combines unique backdrops with familiar platform game mechanics in an interesting cityscape adventure. However, with all the literal and figurative aspects of the movement, even the first rooms can be confusing as they are fun.

Before entering the Warehouse, The Pedestrian start with some teaching areas to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game. First, players must select one of two Pedestrian numbers, after which there is a door that appears on the right side of the whiteboard. The first two rooms are easy and straightforward: just walk through each panel to reach the exit door. Even if the Pedestrian number disappears from sight among the puzzles, the game side-scrolls the next puzzle is automatic, as long as the player continues to move left or right.


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The third puzzle of The Pedestrian introduces the ability to connect doors between panels, with a television on the left showing what key or button players used to do so. After that, the game introduces the jump with another helpful television set explaining how it’s done. Advance to that panel and to the next before reaching the place there is “The Pedestrian” written on the ground. Once this door is reached, the Pedestrian will finally enter the Warehouse.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse Puzzle Solutions

The PedestrianThe first Warehouse puzzle has a different television, this time showing players how the panels move. To connect their doors, move the larger panel to the right of the other two and connect the doors as pictured above. Note that if the rooms are too close or the connection between the doors is too tight, the Pedestrian will not be able to move it.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Ladder Puzzle

The Ladder Tutorial Puzzle at the Pedestrian Warehouse Level

The stairs are introduced in the next puzzle The Pedestrian. These functions are similar to doors but allow the player to move up and down between rooms, rather than the sides. on solve this puzzle, rearrange the panels to connect the doors and stairs, respectively. Through the door, down the stairs, then out to the exit.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Unshakable Panel Puzzle

this Pedestrian Warehouse Level Puzzle shows that some panels cannot move

In the next Warehouse puzzle, the largest room cannot be moved. This mechanic will show up several times throughout the course of The Pedestrian. Replace the two small panels to connect the stairs and doors to get out.

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The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Dotted Line Puzzle

Continue through the chalkboard panel to the next puzzle. This one has dotted line platforms, where players can jump, jump, and stand. For this puzzle, jump to the first two dotted lines, continue to the right, then jump to the second two to exit.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Key Puzzle

The Pedestrian Warehouse level identifies the Keys

After this, the player is introduced to the keys and locked doors as one of the The PedestrianPuzzle mechanics. The television sitting in a folding chair will show what key or button is used to retrieve things. Drop to the larger platform, then to the middle dot line. Climb the dotted line with the key and remove it. Drop to the bottom of the panel, go through the closed door with the key, and exit through the last door.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Drop the Dotted Lines

A Pedestrian Warehouse Level Puzzle with stairs and platforms

The television at the next location shows how to drop through the dotted lines. To solve this puzzle, connect the ladder from the entry room to the ladder in the key room. Connect the two remaining stairs to each other, as well as the two doors. Go down the first ladder, get the key, then jump by The Pedestriannor dot platforms and progress through the door. Go through the closed door, climb the stairs, and climb the panel with the exit.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Multiple Keys and Dotted Platform

A Pedestrian Warehouse Level Puzzle with Key and Locked Door

For the next puzzle, arrange the panels to connect the stairs and connect the doors as seen above. Go up the dotted lines to the middle door, then go through it and down the stairs. Continue through the door to retrieve the key, then drop it again to get through the locked door and exit.

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The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Jump and Drop

A Pedestrian Puzzle Warehouse

The following puzzle is a simple retrieval with no locked doors, keys, or stairs. This one only needs a few strategies jumping and falling using platforms. Drop to the bottom, then jump on the dotted platforms in the middle to reach the top. Drop once more to reach the other door.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Lever Switch Puzzle

After this, The Pedestrian meet a lever for the first time. Drop to the bottom of this chamber and join the lever, causing the mechanism on its left to move up and down. The player can then jump on it and be taken to the exit door.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Switches, Lever, and Platform

A Pedestrian Warehouse Level Puzzle with multiple levers and mechanisms

Next is a room with multiple switches and levers. Press the key or button to zoom out and the dots will show which to match which mechanism. Note that taller switches usually move an object once when activated, but levers usually have objects that keep moving.

on complete this puzzle on The Pedestrian, interact with the first switch to activate its object, then the second. After the platform has moved down, drop down and interact with the floor switch. Use the moving platform to its left to jump to the last switch, which will move the horizontal platform. Climb it up and ride it towards the exit door.

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The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Moving and Ongoing Platforms Puzzle

Pedestrian Warehouse Puzzle with moving and stopping platforms

The next puzzle has multiple switches and moving platforms. Connect the stairs as seen above by rearranging the panels or crisscrossing their connections (as in the photo). From the entry room, go down the right staircase and interact first with the lever to activate the moving platform. Go back to the first panel, then go down the left staircase to interact with the switch that activates something else. Climb back into the main room and use the two platforms to get through the exit door.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Elevator Puzzle

Pedestrian will encounter an elevator in the next puzzle. Walk into it and continue up to reach the top platform, then climb the stairs. The next room also has an elevator, but it needs to be activated using the switch. If activated, it also rides, then exits.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Elevator Switch Puzzle

Replace the various panels as needed to connect the stairs and doors as seen above. From the entry room, go through the left door and take the elevator up the stairs. Climb up, then take that elevator to the middle platform. Go through the door to activate the switch, then back to the elevator. Take it up to the highest platform of The Pedestrian, then take the stairs down to the exit door.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Pipe Valve Puzzle

Reposition the rooms until the doors and stairs are connected as in the photo above. In the first room, drop and exit on the left to get the key, then go back to the first room and exit on the right. Drop down the stairs, then go down to the panel that locks the door and switch. Interact with the switch, then progress through the closed door to the upper platform and exit the right door. Continue to the right, climb the stairs to the last room, and climb the exit ladder. The next puzzle only requires the Pedestrian to go left, fall, and exit.

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The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Battery Puzzle

A handheld gaming device shown in the next puzzle of The Pedestrian, as well as a battery to use it. Jump into the dotted lines to grab the battery, then go down the stairs to “insert” the device. As instructed on the sticky note, drop the battery into one of the ovals, then climb back up the ladder. The barrier will be removed if the battery is placed, so just exit to the left.

The Pedestrian: Warehouse – Real Elevator Puzzles

The last two Warehouse puzzles, which involve a real elevator instead of the elevators puzzles, are pretty straightforward. On the panel with the “up” and “down” elevator buttons, connect to the switch and proceed to the door. In the final puzzle, climb the ladder and activate the switch on the top panel. The Pedestrian have to wait for the elevator to come down before opening the door, then exit on the right. After this, the Warehouse at The Pedestrian it’s over, and players can move on to the next level.

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The Pedestrian available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, and Linux.

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