The Real Reason Penn Badgley Didn’t See Gossip Girl Reboot

Badley went on to say that there was “something very special” about his play for Dan before taking on the role of Joe.

“I think bad came out in 2008. That was, like, a big time where we were suddenly interested in a different kind of an antihero or a villain, you know? “he continued.” I think, you know Dan’s kind of moral compass and that becomes even more irrelevant to the show, in Gossip Woman, [from] I understand everything. So to get someone, you know, who is known for this particular kind of, like, you know, this iconography of the good man, maybe without much dimension, and then put it on them – nothing to do with that, at the end of Gossip Woman, technically speaking, Dan is revealed to be a total sociopath. He was manipulating… .So, you know, yeah, it didn’t go away. “

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