The Restoration of the Family and Revival in America

Every day seems to bring new horrifying videos and reports of individuals and groups behaving badly – from robbing a supermarket, to brazenly stealing from a pharmacy, to mugging to punch an innocent man on the subway station platform.

Violence is just a symptom of a sick society. Other signs include an indifference or complete hatred towards all things sacred, due to our selfishness, seeing children as burdens instead of blessings, the normalization of bad sexual behavior and a general disregard for civility and good manners.

So, what is the solution to this current scourge?

In the midst of a heated midterm election season, many of these issues are being discussed on the campaign trail, and understandably so. Policies and politicians matter. They help set the tone and shape and pass legislation that affects our daily lives. Your vote this November matters. Do not neglect or miss the opportunity to participate.

But the social collapse we’re facing today can’t be solved by polls or politicians.

The only way to right our ship is to return to biblical principles, especially the restoration of the nuclear family. Every problem has its roots in the deterioration of the home. If we solve our problems at home and in our families, we will properly address the fundamental source of cultural disease.

This is what my friend and pastor Dr. Tony Evans in his new book, “Kingdom Politics: Returning God to Government.”

“The story of a nation is the story of its families writ large,” wrote Tony. “Whoever owns the family owns the future. When the family structure breaks down, all kinds of disaster and chaos enter the society. When the family is broken, crime increases, poverty increases, abuse increases. When the family breaks up, gender confusion and role confusion increase.”

Tony is absolutely right. We ignore him at our own, and our country’s, risk.

I will be in Mexico City this week to speak at the World Congress of Families. I will discuss many of these themes. We believe that Christ is the center of all things – and His Father is the founder of the family, who sits at the center of culture. It was his idea. Good things happen when family is honored – and troubling and destructive things come in when you ignore them.

At the center of the war on family and children is the push to separate sex from marriage, childbearing and parenting. There is also a multi-decade campaign to change the definition of marriage, as well as the reality of men and women. Bad policies can make bad times worse – but this revolution in motion is the cause of our cultural crisis.

But the good news is that we don’t have to be passive observers watching the meltdown and the madness. The Lord has given us breath and opportunities to teach people, and our culture, to Him.

“Studying the history of the revival,” assured former pastor Dr. Adrian Rogers, and former Focus board member. “God always sends revival in the darkest days. Oh, for a mighty, stirring revival today!”

I hope so.

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