The ‘Sacrifice’ of the Week Is Our Song of the Week

Song of the Week broke down and talked about the song that we can’t get out of our heads every week. Find these songs and more with us Spotify Top Songs playlist. For our favorite new songs from new artists, check out our Spotify New Sound playlist. This week, a new single from The Weeknd provides the full soundtrack on Friday.

The Week went high-concept with Dawn FM, the new album arrives today, January 7-and it’s working. The radio station’s story line is painted with an air of sadness, and the commitment to the little one feels perfectly matched to the artist’s liking for ’80s sounds.

“Sacrifice,” the artist’s next single, is more of the unstoppable fare for which The Weeknd is known. He knows how to make things interesting, pull off awards that don’t feel outdated, and change tools into throwback sounds for today.

Abel’s wavy vocals can be heard here at home. The production is bouncy and bright, making “Sacrifice” stand out on an album full of earworms (as well as the also fantastic “How Do I Make You Love Me”). One thing The Weeknd specializes in, though, is weaving heavier themes into deceptively bright tracks, and “Sacrifice” is no exception. “I’m holding you in the hardest parts/ When you feel like it’s the end/ ‘Cause life is still worth living,” he promised.

In the chorus, however, where she declares that she does not want to sacrifice anything for the approval of her lover, she shows the change in themes presented in the following album, After Hours, and even seems to show some acceptance into the idea of ​​being himself.

Whether you’re going to this album ready to strip away the many layers it’s on or looking for a track to start on Friday, “Sacrifice” is the perfect starting point.

– Mary Siroky
Contributing Editor

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