The Saved Life of the Future NFL Linebacker Reminds Us of All the Potential Costs of Man and Abortion

How much has human potential become?

The toll is unthinkable.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in all fifty states in 1973, more than 62 million children have gone missing – children growing up scientists who made the discoveries, scholars and innovators who solve problems – and athletes who perform incredible gridiron activities. .

Like Micah Parsons.

At twenty -one years of age, Penn State’s second -most linebacker is expected to be selected in the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday night. Known for his fast pace, raw energy and enthusiasm, Parsons almost never made it alive from the womb.

“It’s a crazy story,” Micah Parsons revealed. “I don’t think I’ve said any of this before. My mother had two children when she became pregnant with me. He just didn’t know if he could handle it. ”

According to published reports, Micah’s mother, Sherese, planned to exterminate but eventually changed her mind after receiving a phone call from a Catholic nun praising the cost of living. in person.

Parson’s upbringing wasn’t all smooth sailing – but he committed it to preparing him for the next chapter of his life.

“I will say my commitment, respect, my work ethic, positive ethics, always keeping my mouth up, always staying strong – everywhere including football,” the future NFL’er reveals about the influence of his mother in his life.

“If we still had a million Shereses,” Micah said, “the world would be okay.”

But it’s not okay for nearly a million American babies each year. I have always wondered what would be richer, more interesting and prosperous in our world if abortion did not kill the lives of so many innocent young people.

Think of all the repairs that have not been discovered or the books and movies that have not been written. Think lost laughter and unwritten songs-or friends you don’t know who will change your life in so many weird ways.

For Nicole Auerbach, who covers football for The Atlantic, a profile piece on Micah Parsons ’Penn Live website is too much.

The title of the article read, in part, “Surviving an abortion, Micah Parsons is about to become a 1st-round NFL draft pick.”

“I can’t believe a legitimate news outlet is running‘ saved from abortion ’with a subhead about someone. @PennLive was published on Tuesday AM and it’s up, ”he tweeted.

Yes, Ms. Auerbach, someone dared to tell the truth, and upset you. The waking media doesn’t point the line and you’re shocked by it. If other “legitimate media” were truly legitimate, we would have a more honest world.

It confuses me why someone wouldn’t celebrate the life and accomplishments of Mr. Parson and instead tap into a media spotlight on it.

According to Ms. Auerbach is simply uncomfortable with the frightening realities and consequences of abortion. He would rather it be ignored than face it – a sentiment that sadly is so prevalent today.

But you can’t ignore what happens to innocent babies born first. They deserve to be protected. They deserve a moment in life.

I’ll follow the NFL draft on Thursday with less interest than usual – and now, you might want to too.

Photo from Rich Barnes / REUTERS

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