The Shadow & Bone Season 2 Cast Video Reveals Filming Has Begun

Following recent casting announcements, Netflix has released a video of Shadow & Bone cast members confirming that season 2 has already begun filming.

Following recent casting announcements, Netflix released a video of Shadow and Bone season 2 cast members confirming that filming has begun. The series is based on author Leigh Bardugo Grishaverse novels starring Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Kit Young, and Ben Barnes. The series was revamped for a second season in June 2021 following a strong watch following the April 2021 release.

Bardugo’s adaptation Shadow and Bone novel along with the original story line, the first season of the Netflix fantasy series sees orphaned cartographer Alina Starkov (Li) realizing her sun-summoner power. Making light, he caught the attention of General Kirigan (Barnes) and the three Crows, Kaz Brekker (Carter), Inej Ghafa (Suman), and Jesper Fahey (Young), with each party having its own plans involving woman. Season 1 ends with Alina traveling with childhood friend Mal (Renaux) to find out more about her gifts, along with Shadow and Bone the latest additions to season 2 brings the private, twin Heartrender, and other characters of the novel to live-action, and now the new and returning cast is celebrating the start of season 2 filming.


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Officially posted Netflix The Twitter account, the streaming service shared a video that saw returning cast members Barnes, Li, Renaux, Carter, Sujaya Dasgupta, Suman, Danielle Galligan, Young, Calahan Skogman, and Julian Kostov , revealed that the second season has begun filming in Budapest. Suman immediately introduced new cast members Jack Wolfe, Lewis Tan, Anna Leong Brophy, and Patrick Gibson, playing Wylan Hendricks, Tolya Yul-Bataar, Tamar Kir-Bataar, and Nikolai Lantsov. The full cast shared their excitement to work with each other for the second season, with Young saying that only that could be revealed in the current season before the cast thanked fans for their support. Watch the video below.

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With Shadows & Bones‘rating achievements, positive critical reception, and the source material already large fanbase, a second season felt fully guaranteed before the official announcement was made. When it began in April 2021, Shadow and Bone reached number 3 spot in Nielsen streaming viewership rankings, just below Disney+ and Marvel Studios’ Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The show will later take the top spot in the week of April 26 to May 3, losing The Story of the Servant.

With fans introduced to Grishaverse through the series and fans of Bardugo’s novels looking forward to seeing the next episode of Alina’s journey, Netflix’s latest video isn’t just a good look at the latest -or additions to the cast but a thank you to the fans who made. Shadow and Bone a success. While there has been a long wait since production has only just begun, watching the enthusiasm of the cast is sure to be a good sight. The cast and crew have previously shown their love for the series, along with the showrunner Eric Heisserer talks about his love of Ravens in interviews, showing that the Netflix series was made from a place of love and admiration.

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