The Silent Hill at E3 2021, Solid Gear Hopes The Fall Like Konami’s Retreat

Although a first-time company to rely on the event, Konami has announced a withdrawal from digital E3 2021 only.

Member video game in Japan Konami announces that it has no presence in E3 2021 after the first announced as a digital attendee in ESA. Konami is known for creating and publishing the same iconic franchises as Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill, but the last major franchise releases outside of PES the series was not well received Survive Metal Gear in 2018 and Contra: Rogue Corps in 2019.

In early March, it was announced that E3 2021 would be held as a full digital event, canceled in 2020. While the event is traditionally held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the COVID-19 the pandemic once again led to the cancellation of live activity. While E3 2020 has been canceled outright, this year’s annual video game industry show will take place as a digital event is being held around the world. Fortunately, some of the industry’s most iconic icons include the Xbox, Nintendo, and Ubisoft Square Enix has announced their participation in E3 2021. The all -digital event will run from June 12 – 15, providing plenty of time for more developers and publishers to make plans to participate.

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Now, Konami announced in a tweet that it will not show anything at E3 2021 afterwards. This announcement came as a surprise due to the company’s early commitment to the expo, and as a disappointment to fans who were waiting for the announcement of the new Metal Gear or Silent Hill title. The publisher’s message explains that “not ready at present“at this year’s expo even if there is”number of major projects“in progress. Konami’s message emphasized the support and respect of the Entertainment Software Association and expressed the hope that”2021 could be a good outcome. “

Earlier this year, there were rumors suggesting that Konami had shut down the video game division, supported by the publisher’s short output of games over the past several years. Konami was quick to deny these rumors, explained that the company’s internal reshuffle happened rather than a real breakup of the video game division. While some fans are hoping this announcement will result in the announcement of a new project in the near future, Konami hasn’t announced any new titles yet, and it appears that silence continues. until Summer 2021.

Given its increasing focus on pachinko, slots, and pachislot machines and dwindling evidence of investment in game development, the publisher’s withdrawal from E3 2021 is not a good sign for future projects. As one of the first publishers to agree to show up at the event, one would think that Konami has a few titles ready to be revealed. While there are many more exciting studios to be had expo this year, fans of Konami series together Metal Gear and Silent Hill sure to be disappointed with the lack of news.

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E3 2021 will continue digital from June 12 to 15.

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