The Simpsons Season 3 is the Best Says Recognized by a Former Writer

Well-known former Simpsons writer, John Swartzwelder, says that of all the era of the iconic series he helped write, the third was the most popular.

John Swartzwelder, the reclusive writer formerly for The Simpsons, says the iconic animated series ’third season is the best. In recent years, many fans have argued that the quality of The Simpsons refused and that its very best days were behind it. While this may be a common opinion, many fans still feel the most is coming.

After 32 seasons – and with two more seasons already secured, the Simpson family, as well as other Springfield residents, have really gone through a lot. Over the years, an astonishing number of celebrity stars have also lent their voices of joy, and when asked to choose a favorite episode, it’s been a long time. Simpsons Fans definitely cut their work for themselves. Intended to represent the average middle-class American family, the Simpsons whatever, but going into Homer’s space, Marge was once famous as a folk artist, Bart briefly working for mafia, Lisa associated with the former Beatle, Paul McCartney and even Maggie accidentally shot Springfield’s richest man, Mr. Burns. So much has happened (and continues to happen) in the series, that choosing a favorite season feels more difficult than choosing a favorite episode or occasion.

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But for a former writer from The Simpsons’ heyday, judging which season is the best isn’t that a challenge at all. After leaving the series 18 years ago, Swartzwelder has not been able to give a single talk. Now, thanks for The Keeper, information from a recent interview with Swartzwelder The New Yorker clarified that the former Simpsons the writer feels that the third season, first aired in 1991/1992, is the most Simpsons period Swartzwelder said:

I always thought the third season was our best individual season. [By then] We knew how to grind first-class Simpsons episodes with weird order, we made a lot of characters to work with, we weren’t nearly exhausted with stories and the staff wasn’t tired of overwork. pa. The third season has been an exciting year for the Simpsons writers, and I think it can be seen in the work.

Swartzwelder wrote 59 episodes of The Simpsons in total, the hit series left 15 of themth time However, even on leaving, he returned to fellow writing The Simpsons’ 2007 movie. For Simpsons fans, season three offers some perfect highlights, including Sivel Bob’s wedding to Selma, a fun appearance of the visitor through Spinal Tap, Mr. Burns sold the nuclear plant to national buyers, and Homer freely purchased a pony for Lisa. The third season definitely saw the Simpson family and the Springfield residents come to their own, with the whole show feeling more solid in terms of both its characters and scope.

As for the specific time to mark three of The Simpsons the best of them all, that’s a much better justified argument. Long-term fans will always feel that the best work in the series will come in the first few seasons, which is the third, fourth (which appears Conan O’Brien as a writer) and fifth season especially popular. It’s hard to narrow down a particular season in a series that has consistently offered the majority of audiences over the years. Later, it was a worthwhile decision to make, but for Swartzwelder at least, the choice was clear.

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