The Slow Burn of Romance

Ladies, how do you know if your marriage is romantic enough? Should your husband chase you through your gate at the airport? Should he throw rocks through your bedroom window and sing to you? How about a long kiss on the beach while the waves wash over you?

Guys, what about you? Do you imagine yourself as a hero, a brave knight who sweeps your wife off her feet and carries her – literally and figuratively – into the future?

Romance can be a positive force in a couple’s relationship. Sharing beautiful moments together creates lasting memories and deepens emotional bonds with feelings of intimacy and love.

But romance is too weak to sustain a relationship…because romance fades. At some point after every fairy tale wedding, love gives way to the daily grind of life. That’s why true romance isn’t a one-time flash of love. It’s a slow burn, a daily journey through life’s ups and downs.

My advice to couples is this: pursue romance every chance you get. Why not take a sunset walk on the beach, eat dinner by candlelight, or kiss the rain? Enjoy beautiful moments together that elevate your relationship above self.

But think about how you create intimacy between moments as well. Instead of your wedding day being the moment where your romance ends… look at this moment where true romance is just beginning.

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