The Stars in the Uncertainty of What Will Come to the End Times

We kick back There is no certainty for the last time.

Sunday, Oct. 24, marks the fifth and final season of the critically acclaimed comedy. So while covering the red-carpet premiere in Los Angeles, Daily Pop journalists Victor Cruz ASK Issa Rae and company in disobey what is to come for the final run of the show.

According to There is no certainty star and co -creator, the fifth season ended his term: “This season is really just about growing up. It’s, like, counting their internal, you know, trips — and I hope people find themselves in these characters. “

Co-star Yvonne Orji expressed a similar feeling, joking that the last season would come out on high. How do the audience feel? “Our fans are very hard to please,” he shares. “So they might be like, ‘Nah!’ Just because they were angry — they were still angry that we didn’t give them an hour’s time.

On what was to come for her character Molly, the Nigerian -born actress remained silent, as if there was a “shutdown around.”

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