The Storm and Luke Cage are Iconics in Black History Month Cover Art

The variant of Marvel’s Black History Month covers features six heroes from artist Joshua Swaby, with Storm and Luke Cage being the first to be revealed.

New official cover art from Marvel Comics features storm and Luke Cage showing their powers for Black History Month. Two variant covers for the upcoming comics have been revealed by artist Joshua Swaby on social media. The most exciting thing is that these are the first two of many more to come.

This February, Marvel will release six variant covers of celebrating Black History Month. All six covers were illustrated by Joshua “Sway” Swaby, a comic book artist who provided multiple covers for Marvel, DC, Image, and Dynamite. Luke Cage and Storm are the next beautiful additions to his growing portfolio.


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On Twitter, Swaby shared covers for both X-Men #8 and Reign of the Devil #4. Precisely, the Storm is shown in X-Men, while Luke Cage was present Reign of the Devil. Hero for Hire is part of the ongoing Reign of the Devil event from Marvel. Reign of the Devil #4 has a creative team of Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz, and Clayton Cowles. X-Men #8 has a creative team of Gerry Duggan and Javier Pina. The remaining four covers have yet to be revealed, but it might also be surprising when you consider how unique the Storm and Luke Cage look at their respective covers.

Storm is depicted in his classic X-Men uniform, meanwhile Luke Cage was shaking his usual yellow shirt. There is not a single cover that will avoid highlighting the powers and individual beauty of the heroes, giving each the spotlight they deserve. Both heroes have a long history and important legacies within Marvel Comics. In additional tweets, Swaby also mentioned the artistic goals he has had in portraying two of these characters. About the Storm, Swaby declared that he “desired [to] showing beauty and dominance. I was so happy that I was able to make her classic costume because I wanted to bring my own style to it. Plus, with Storm Swaby he said, “I want to focus on his skin, because it’s always misinterpreted and his features as well. I hope I give you the Classic Storm that suits you.”

Luke Cage was inspired by a legitimate man, who had Swaby reveals that he is “Luckily there was permission to use an actual person to use on the cover. When I saw him, I was just struck that he was actually Luke Cage.” This cover art is especially worth considering Luke Cage’s previously announced title revealed canceled – disappointing many fans of the hero expecting to see him again in the comics. While he has appeared in many comics alongside other heroes, he will finally have his own title in 2018.

These covers are both incredible examples of Swaby’s ability to mix the power of beauty, previously seen in a cover variant featuring Nubia in DC for Nubia and the Amazons #1. He also illustrated covers depicting Black Panther, Black Cat, Red Sonja, and Miles Morales. As already mentioned, Swaby provided cover art for a total of six comics for Black History Month. Reign of the Devil #4 with Luke Cage and Avengers #53 is the first two comics to go on sale, starting Feb. 9. It will be followed by Storm’s X-Men #8 and the as -yet -unknown star of Dark Ages #5 on Feb. 16. The last two covers to be sold for Iron Man #17 and Captain America/Iron Man #4 on Feb. 23. Fans can pick up their favorite covers – and check out the heroes ’latest adventures – next month, celebrating epic heroes storm and Luke Cage with Swaby’s unique art.

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