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Always a musical enigma, Lykke Li kicked off her career with the light, bouncy breakout “Little Bit.” He soon returned to deep obscurity, especially with his third full-length album, 2014’s I Didn’t Learn. Li’s twisted journey continues with his 2018 latex-heavy album very sexy sad before delivering this year’s dark imagery, extras, and cinematics eyean effort that essentially jettisoned everything about its predecessor.

Through it all, Li remains fearlessly ready to open his wounds to the world to reveal everything in his art, refusing to indulge as he unapologetically jumps across genres. Li’s dark themes – which are always in what he considers “film” which is his life – hypnotize and hate us. They attract us to his creative catharsis, which makes them collective. Li is a true artist, plain and simple.

That said, he’s not an industry “hit-maker” – and that’s not his mission. At the same time, his songs are always at the forefront of pop culture, although it is “Possible” to appear in twilightor “Remove some” that appears Little Lies. One of his most iconic tracks is “No Rest for the Wicked” off I Didn’t Learn. Li wrote the song as she was coming out of a relationship and packing her bags to move from Europe to New York, condemning herself for the damage done in the process.

In this latest episode of The Story Behind the Song, Lykke Li takes host Peter Csathy through the genesis of “No Rest for the Wicked,” explaining down the road why the song continues. The two also talked eye, Li’s new visual album that includes one-minute videos that transition each of the eight songs into the next. The effect is punctuated by the supreme cinematic effect of the closing track “U&I,” which finds Li pleading with her ex-lover not to turn around and walk away.

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