The Strokes Preview of Maya Wiley Ad’s New Song “Start Again”: Watch

The Strokes throwing their support behind Maya D. Wiley in the New York mayoral election, demonstrated a benefit livestream in May and a personal concert for Wiley in June. The band is now watching the new song “Start Again” in an ad supporting Wiley. See below. Also, scroll down to watch Stroke’s display of the national anthem from the livestream event.

Julian Casablancas with the text “Start Over” with New Radicals‘Gregg Alexander, who also co -produced the song with David Kahne. In a joint statement, Casablancas and Alexander said:

At a time when voter suppression and mega donors are undermining democracy, it’s important to remember that New York City is even more likely to risk handing over the reins of America’s most diverse city to the same kind of party machine that controlled NY management for nearly the 20th century… one of Brooklyn’s clubhouse politics, a lot of real-estate money, and reshaping each other. It’s time we chose Maya as the town’s first female mayor to make things better for ALL of our future.

Earlier this year, Gregg Alexander revived New Radicals for an Inauguration day performance of “You Get What You Give. ”

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