The Venom 2 Trailer Hints The Avengers is Active on Sony’s Marvel Timeline

The first trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage shows that there’s a sly nod to the Avengers – what happened to Sony’s Spider -Man spinoffs?

The trailer is for Venom: Suicide there’s a subtle nod that suggests the Avengers are active in the world of Sony’s Spider-Man spinoffs. The relationship between Sony’s spinoffs and the MCU has always been interesting; back in 2017, Amy Pascal claimed these movies additions“in the MCU, beginning with weeks of confusion over and over again about how exactly the two universes will connect.

Marvel and Sony are starting a new deal in 2019, someone watched Spider-Man on the MCU but appeared to suggest that Spider-Man could crop up on both MCU and Sony films. “[Spider-Man] also happens to be a hero with superpower that can cross cinematic universes,“Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has observed an official statement.”So while Sony continues to make their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises will come in the future.“Ang Morbius appeared the trailer to confirm Sony’s movies link to the MCU in any way, featuring Michael Keaton reshaping his role as MCU’s Vulture and a poster as describing the events of Spider-Man: Away from Home. The general assumption is that Sony is taking advantage of the Multiverse to use the same MCU cast and that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will swing to its alternative scale for some time.

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If the Sony spinoffs happen on a different timeline, then the Venom 2 The trailer shows that the Avengers will be active here – and will also go through a rough patch. In one scene, an unknown person was seen shooting the pages of Daily Bugle, with the camera pointing to the front page about serial killer Cletus Kasady. If he closes the role in annoyance, though, it’s possible to slow down the video to read some of the headlines inside – and have someone with what appears to be an Avengers reference.

Venom 2 Avengers Reference

The word is only visible, meaning you can think of other words that end in “engers” – maybe some passengers had a violent ride when a train broke down. But Sony is well aware that any mention of the mystery “engers” in a Marvel movie is rightly taken as a nod to the Avengers, meaning that this little detail might have been taken as a suggestion to have a group like the Avengers on Sony’s timeline. It’s certainly weird to look at-and is sure to leave most viewers eager to once again try to figure out the relationship between Sony spinoffs and the mainstream MCU. Sony movies “additions,“Are they in the same shared universe but not part of the main story, as Pascal pointed out in 2017? Or are they in a world similar to MCU, where there is a different version of Spider-Man and are there really other superheroes? It’s all the more bizarre.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before these mysteries are clarified. Venom: Suicide due in September of Spider-Man: Way Pauli release in theaters in December, so viewers may end the year much more peaceful about where the Sony Spider-Man spinoffs will stand than today. Alternatively, Marvel and Sony may decide to continue in this vein, leaving things as far as possible, thinking they don’t want to cause a bust-up between the two studios by to try to cut everything.

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  • Venom: Let There Be Be Carnage (2021)Release Date: Sep 24, 2021
  • Morbius (2022)Release date: Jan 21, 2022

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