The Winter Soldier Almost Copied Godfather 2’s Structure

Captain America: The Winter Soldier may have been part of the changing flashback scenes and now, similar to The Godfather: Part II.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier There may be a narrative structure copied The Godfather: Part II, when things turn out differently. This was revealed by Paul Terry and Tara Bennett’s The Story of Marvel Studios book, released on Oct. 19. The project tells a comprehensive history of MCU from the perspective of writers, directors, producers, and other artists.

As in, pushing on Captain America: The Winter Soldier that’s what Steve discovered Hydra penetrated SHIELD, and that Bucky Barnes is still alive but twisted into the villain Winter Soldier. while Captain America: The First Avenger focuses on Steve’s growth to become a capable hero and leader during World War II, The Winter Soldier tried a darker side of the Star-Spangled Man story during the 2010s, as he struggled to cope with the loss of his former life and relationships, and with the knowledge that the mission he was ”died“because it was never finished.

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Perhaps because of the darker emotional scene in the sequel, the creative team is behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier initially considered giving it a Godfather: Part II structure. It requires a transition between scenes set in the present and in the past. Here’s how the book summarizes Feige’s thoughts on this:

There’s an idea we’ve played with, structurally, for most of our movies – and haven’t finished yet – which is the structure of Godfather 2: a story that once announced what’s happening now, according to Feige. And in Captain America, it seems like that’s exactly what you can do. There is a World War II version of the story. And then plant the seeds there for a modern story. And both for the Winter Soldier – and for the Civil War – that’s the first instinct.

Captain America holds back the blow of The Winter Soldier with his shield in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier uses a scene from Steve “Captain America“Rogers’ yesterday before he was frozen, the flashback in which Bucky offers the famous line, “I’m with you to the end of the line, friend. ”There’s a complete emotional difference between the touching friendship between the couple in this scene and the next, where Sam Wilson warns Steve that Bucky may no longer be able to save. The Winter Army Ended up being a mix of flashback and now, like The Godfather: Part II as Feige originally played, there may be room to play in this difference even more to emphasize how much Steve is bothered by his current situation.

With the existing structure, Captain America: The Winter Soldier still effective film, always chosen best of the best design of MCU movies. The First Avenger Spent all of its allotted time during WWII, leaving Steve’s arch to go forward, as he broke Hydra again, in The Winter Soldier. This, in turn, eats up fuel tensions Captain America: Civil War. While there is no change in things without a What If …?-style multiverse twist, still interesting to consider what Captain America: The Winter Soldier would have been like advancing copying The Godfather: Part IIstory structure.

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