Theo James Comes Out of Sanditon After Surprise Season 2 & 3 Renewal

While the episode of the PBS drama Sandition has been officially rescheduled for seasons 1 and 2, it has been confirmed that main character Theo James will not be returning.

Theo James will never be back Sandisyon, as the show was revamped two more seasons. In the PBS -era drama, James plays Sidney Parker, captivating the interest of Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams). Sidney’s wild and carefree personality always clashes with Charlotte’s proud and enthusiastic manner, which makes for a thrilling and worthy love story.

Sandisyon based on The late and unfinished novel by Jane Austen. Set during Regency, it follows Charlotte’s story due to an accident that takes her to a beach resort called Sandition. Here, she encounters many adventures including a moment of romance. The eight-part series first premiered in the UK in 2019 before heading to the United States in January 2020. This week, PBS announced that it will change Sandisyon for seasons 2 and 3 after receiving many requests from fans to continue the story.

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While the surprise announcement on PBS was well received, it also brought confirmation that James would never return to the series. The 36-year-old British actress released a statement posted on PBS’s Masterpiece The Twitter account, which says Sidney’s journey is finally over. “Even though I enjoyed playing Sidney, for me, I always maintained that his journey ended the way I wanted him to,” he said. James wrote. the different In addition to starring Sidney and Charlotte’s “broken fairy-tale” gives the story a unique and interesting twist. Read his full statement below:

It may be a farewell for James’s Sidney, but PBS has confirmed that lead actress Rose Williams will return to continue her role as Charlotte. Meanwhile, the makers of the show have not yet revealed which of the cast members from season 1 will return and who will be added. James ’departure will definitely hurt the show’s viewers, but the series promises to have“ an abundance of romance and adventure ”in the coming seasons.

It’s hard to imagine the future of Sandisyon without James. After all, Sidney and Charlotte’s growing love is what hangs fans of the British series. In the latter part of season 1, their chance to be happy anytime is hardly cut short when Sidney chooses to save his family’s fortune by joining a wealthy heir. However, many viewers are hoping that the plot twist will be a cliffhanger for the two lovers to come together later against all odds.

James ’shocking departure can be compared Regé-Jean Page exits from Bridgerton as the Duke of Hastings. as Sandisyon, the drama of the Netflix era is also based on a series of Julia Quinn’s romance novels. However, since Quinn’s books are complete, fans are more aware of how the story will end for their favorite characters. Because Sandisyon an unfinished manuscript, showrunners have the freedom to design a surprising ending, and hopefully satisfy their audience. Having the lead person to bid a painful farewell will open up new possibilities for the show in the next chapter.

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Origin: PBS Masterpiece/ Twitter

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