These are the Best Young Bands and Girls Groups Today

Back in the day, these boys bands and girl groups were the “Best of Life”!

And now, thanks to E! new competition series Collision of Cover Bands, all of us favorite hits from the main pop groups and beyond get a new creature done all from Lady Gaga imitates a Dave Grohl same look.

Collision of Cover Bands premieres on Wednesday, October 13 with a line-all line of judges and coaches, including the Grammy winner Meghan Trainor, queen Analyst Adam Lambert and songwriter “Song Factory” Esther Dean, as well as speech experts Kuk Harrell and manufacturing experts Ray Leeper.

Administered by Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Collision put together some of the most popular music names to find out which cover band is the best of the best. However, we can’t just wait to hear our favorite ballad live!

As the new music-centric competition series begins, we’re wishing for a good unfashionable hit.

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