They/They Teaser Stars Kevin Bacon as Conversion Camp Director

This is not your mother’s conversion therapy: Now, Peacock revealed the official teaser for They/Theythe upcoming slasher flick starring Kevin Bacon as the director of a mysterious sleepless camp who took some major steps in an effort to correct its attendees. Ahead of Aug. 5, the film marks its feature-length directorial debut John Loganwhose screenwriting credits are included Skyfall and by Martin Scorsese The Aviator.

The teaser for They/They (got it? “They cut them”?) Opens a wide shot of the latest crowd of LGBTQ+ campers at Whistler Camp. This year’s crew includes Jordan (Theo Germaine), whose gender identity goes against their religious upbringing; Alexandra (Quei Tann), a young transgender woman who is about to be evicted from her home; Veronica (Monique Kim), who is finally ready to accept her bisexuality; and Stu (Cooper Koch), who is actually male to male – except for the whole gay.

“It’s a safe place for everyone,” Owen (Bacon) told campers upon their arrival. But as vignettes flashed on screen of horrific events and demonic presence, viewers knew that homophobia was not the only act of violence here. Watch the teaser for They/They low.

It’s not just the horror film that will come on Bacon’s schedule this year: He will also play a villain in a remake of the 1984 comedy-splatter B-movie. The Toxic Avenger. Meanwhile, Logan also manages the script for Michael, an upcoming biopic about Michael Jackson.

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