This Delivery Robot Is Designed To (Safely) Run On People

Nuro’s third-generation autonomous delivery robot has been overhauled to reduce its footprint. It even includes pedestrian outdoor airbags.

The latest delivery robot from Nuro provides a small factor in form and a unique new feature: an external, pedestrian airbag to prevent injuries in case of a collision. Delivery robots are not new, but they are rapidly evolving as companies look for ways to improve existing designs. This is Nuro’s stab at an autonomous delivery vehicle, with earlier models having a larger footprint and smaller storage capacity. Company vehicles operate on public roads like normal cars, unlike other robots designed to share sidewalks with pedestrians.

There are several benefits of autonomous shipping vehicles that can recoup jobs lost by automation in the shipping industry. To begin with, electric delivery vehicles will be available large emissions reductions in cities with widespread adoption. Climate change is affected by the CO2 emitted from combustion engines, so the more electric vehicles on the road, the better. Some cities are already seeing the adverse effects of climate change, and there are even tools that can see disasters using AI. The lesser-known benefit of autonomous delivery is less traffic congestion on the roads, as most delivery robots are barely able to drive on the shoulder, eliminating car lanes for drivers. .


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The next generation version of Nuro’s delivery robot, has been revealed by a press release, offers some safety improvement features. The most notable addition to the safety, visible from the outside of the robot, is the addition of the pedestrian airbag. while traditional electric car using an inside airbag to protect the driver and passengers, Nuro’s robot takes a different approach, adding an outside airbag to protect bikers and pedestrians. The latest delivery robot has almost a 20% smaller form factor, which the company hopes will reduce its footprint down the road. If there is a collision though, the airbag is designed to limit potential damage.

A More Efficient Design

Promotional image of delivery robot.

Without drivers, Nuro said it would provide more storage with a much smaller form factor. It has a simple job – making deliveries – but visible more functional than other concepts. The robot has separate compartments with modular dividers and attachments. This allows the Nuro robot to separate foods that need to be kept hot or cold, because the delivery vehicle has heating and cooling technology. The robot can adjust its internal temperature from 22ºF to 116ºF, offering a convenient way to keep food fresh. Despite its small size, the Nuro robot can hold up to 27 bags of groceries for an incredible 50o lbs payload.

Overall, Nuro’s latest autonomous delivery robot looks to be a notable addition to the growing robotics industry. Not the same other robots in their design stages, the Nuro robot looks polished and consumer friendly. It’s part of the company’s mission and it was intentionally designed, because Nuro wanted to make robots that fit their environment. The delivery system has now gained shape, functionality, and safety, so it’s ready to be familiar. robot street face.

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