This Eco-Friendly Detergent Sheet Has 25,200+ 5-Star Reviews

Need more information before you shop? Here are some reviews from Amazon shoppers.

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets Reviews

One shopper said, “I doubt I’ll ever buy another heavy-duty laundry detergent jug! So easy to use, nothing ends up in a landfill. I wish I’d found this sooner! No more toxic plastic in the landfill! I You feel so good about that! Couldn’t be happier! The laundry is so clean and smells fresh!”

Another stated, “Using these sheets is a no-brainer! Using this product is the easiest cleaner on the market. No spills, splashes or messes. If you drop it, it like taking a paper towel. pieces at the end of the wash. If that’s not enough it cleans your laundry better than anything I’ve ever tried. It removes stains and grinds dirt without using of any additional stain remover. to recycle plastic jugs.”

An Amazon customer reviewed, “The best thing about these besides, it’s cleaning power is how little space they take up in your laundry area. It takes up very little laundry space and I get more more space because of the unnecessary storage of large containers of liquid detergent. liquid detergent that I used before this product. This product is a real breakthrough and the laundry industry!”

One shopper gushed, “I love this product because it’s lightweight, not like a pitcher full of smoke. Works!! Plus, I now have more room on my shelf for other things!! The jugs are heavy and take up a lot of room. This product package is slim, contains 30 detergent sheets, and takes up less room than a finger!! “

Someone yelled, “Finally! A real laundry helper! Where’s this product? It’s the best thing since sliced ​​bread. No more heavy plastic jugs to carry around.” laundry! Small bars of laundry soap, just throw one in. with the clothes and done. I’m on my second pack and I just love this product. The best place I’ve found is buy is online and the value is unbelievable! Very happy and very happy with Earth Breeze!”

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