This is Love Island USA’s Most Shocking Recoupling

Three words that shook the villa: “Come on, Kat.”

Chazz shocked Places called Love Island in the United States viewers on August 4, when he chose to reconcile new Cat and leave his companion Peace of mind in the dust. While ditching one woman for another is not new to Peacock dating show, it came as a major surprise to fans for some reasons.

While he admitted in a confessional that Kat was “perfect for me,” he said, “Me and Sereniti have something solid formed and I could put our relationship in danger… I don’t know at this point.”

After his first date with Kat, he told Sereniti, “At the end of the day, you are still my priority. I like where we are.”

But the next day, Chazz tells Kat that she’s beautiful without makeup and cooks her breakfast attractively. And then he tells Sereniti that she’s “very good” in her bikini, which reassures her of his interest.

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