This week in the metaverse: A new Bored Ape game, memecoin-themed NFTs, and a possible virtual bar from the makers of Absolut Vodka

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Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Bored Ape Kennel Club topped the OpenSea NFT market charts this week as creator Yuga Labs announced a new development for its NFT ecosystem.

The company, which also owns the NFT collections CryptoPunks and Meebits, announced a free mint in “sewer passes” for existing BAYC and MAYC holders giving them access to Dookey Dash, a game set to launch on January 18. The new game comes after the beta launch of the company’s own metaverse, Otherside , last year.

BONKz, a Solana NFT project tied to a popular meme coinsold out 15,000 digital collectibles this week for just a few hours. The NFTs were originally listed for 16.25 million BONK tokens a piece, about $14.81 on Friday, but soon traded for an average price of 13 Solana (SOL), or about $216.06, on the NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

Attention-grabbing new developments like Yuga Labs’ sewer pass and BONKz NFTs are almost always a boon for the NFT industry as a whole, but due to market downturns, companies related to crypto there is less funding available to develop these types of projects. last year.

In 2022, the amount raised by crypto companies decreased 42% compared to 2021, according to a report from CoinGecko. Crypto companies will raise $21.26 billion in 2022 after earning $37.06 billion in 2021, according to CoinGecko.

Although a year-on-year decline is not surprising because of outsized attention crypto enjoyed in 2021, CoinGecko’s report illustrates the larger effects of the latest Crypto Winter. One bright spot: The $21 billion raised by crypto companies this year surpassed the funding numbers from before 2021, pointing to the substantial growth in the five years CoinGecko captured in its report.

In other news:

The Absolute Companywhich produces Malibu rum and Full Vodkafiled a trademark application that would give it the right to use its brand NFTs and the metaverse. Specifically, the company said it wants to acquire its brand for virtual alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as food, clothing, and footwear. The trademark application also opens the possibility for Absolut to release NFTs or a virtual bar/restaurant offering digital food and drinks or real-life home delivery, according to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis.

Movie subscription service MoviePass said this week raised an undisclosed amount in financing from a major Web3 investor Animoca brands. The company, which went viral in 2017 for allowing customers to watch unlimited movies in theaters for $9.95 a month, filed for bankruptcy in 2020. The new funding will be used in part to implement the company’s Web3 strategy, including virtual reality cinema experiences and the use of technology to drive traffic to cinemas.

Courtesy of Chiliz

American clubthe most successful and popular soccer teams in Mexico, said this week that it will launch crypto fan token ($AME) in partnership with the blockchain company chili. The token can be used for the purchase of Socios.comof fan engagement and rewards app, and it will provide buyers with unique discounts and promotions, VIP tickets, and the opportunity to vote in polls to make fan-related decisions.

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