TikTok release him. Now he is a TikTok star

A former TikTok employee became a sensation on the platform after documenting his exit from the company.

Simona Ruzer, who used to work in the talent acquisition department, is the company announced a month or so ago his contract was terminated after two and a half years. He said he used an offered “padding period” to try to find a permanent position, but that was unsuccessful.

So, facing the end, he turned the camera of his phone on himself and jokingly invited the audience to “come with me to steal the company’s assets from TikTok because I got fired. “

Mind you, this is impossible TikTok’s The security division plans to find him. Those possessions turned out to be a lanyard that held his company ID, Skittles and Cheez-Its (which he said he gave to someone on the subway).

The video, which went live on Saturday, was quick went viral and now has over 2.5 million views and it gives viewers an inside look at what the company is all about. (It’s pretty much what you’d imagine—with neon signs, colorful hallways, giant mirrors and a lounge full of carb-heavy snacks.)

Comments on the video drew attention, with one user saying “Maybe they should bring down the office instead of the workers.” Another wrote: “Every time I see these types of offices I just expect layoffs.”

Ruzer seems to have taken the job loss in good humor, though. And he’s ready to move on from working on a social media site, he said. his LinkedIn page says she hopes to find a position in social media marketing and creative strategy in the Fashion and Beauty industry.

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