TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

In May 2022, TAylor created controversy when he revealed during a TikTok livestream that she and Tate joined a “soft swinging” group with other members of the Mormon MomTok community. She admits she was “troubled” when she “walked out” of an agreement with Tate in which they agreed not to “continue” with swapped sex partners.

“Tate and I are divorced,” she said about her husband of more than five years. “We played with fire and we got burned.”

The following November, Taylor shared on TikTok that she had to terminate an ectopic pregnancy, a life-threatening condition, after conceiving her first child with Dakota.

In December, the influencer reflected on her difficult 2022. “Cheers to the S–TTIEST year of my entire life,” Taylor wrote on Instagram. “From the bad marriage, the swing, the divorce, the great loss of some family, best friends, friends, my and children part-time, trying to be in another relationship but not allowed myself to be happy, to ectopic pregnancy, to The deep depression while millions of people are watching all this and giving their beautiful opinions.”

He continued, “Merry Christmas from us to you… my number is 23 so I thought next year would be my year. But, my village never changed and they stayed by my side, that’s why I’m blessed to have them .”

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