Titanfall 2 Sets Simultaneous Player Recording Time Free This Weekend

After gaining Steam’s popularity in a big way, Titanfall 2 continues to surprise by setting a new all-time Steam player record.

A week later Titanfall 2 soared in popularity Steam, the game sets a new personal highest simultaneous player count, shattering the previous launch record. This is thanks to a huge effort by the online community of gamers to also revive Respawn Entertainment’s critically acclaimed game (and it’s possible to hope for a sequel), and part of the renewed interest could be ’ g will be dedicated to its battle royale spin-off, Apex Legends.

Leading up to a community-sponsored event on May 1, Titanfall 2 player numbers swell 750% on Steam. This dramatic increase in player activity followed the announcement of Titanfall-theme content for Apex Legends‘future time of the Legacy. Many familiar faces were mocked by Respawn in a series of trailers for the battle royale spin-off, including two Titanfall 2 villains, Ash and Viper. In addition, the game’s newest Legend is Viper’s daughter, Valkyrie, who literally carries her parent’s legacy on her back and uses abilities directly raised from the Northstar Titan class in play.

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After witnessing the community rally in five years of play around Titanfall 2 for May 1, Respawn Entertainment launched by making the game free on Steam the same weekend, and it seems to have paid off. Agreed to Steam Charts, the new peak of all games now stands at 27,547 players, which is a significant increase even with last week’s addition. Finish trailers for Legend of the Apexthe Time of Remnant has come, Titanfall 2 reached 16,958 concurrent users.

Titanfall 2 Simultaneous Recording Charts on Steam

The current increased interest in Titanfall The universe could result in last year’s reign of rumors about development of Titanfall 3 in Respawn. According to several industry sources, the studio is reportedly operating in sequence, although no specific details have been provided. Not long before that Apex Legends‘latest time officially revealed, Respawn respects the upcoming article saying, “Titanfall is a war story; Apex is life after the war.” But since the battle royale game is more focused on narration and story development, Apex Legends can be used for building the next big conflict Titanfall universe, leading to a sequel.

Pleased with Apex Legends‘deep immersion in Titanfall In conjunction with the upcoming Legacy Season, players may have decided to figure out the game that paves the way for one of the most popular battle royale titles on the market. Perhaps, the increasing popularity will encourage publisher EA and Respawn to increase the rumored production of Titanfall 3, which is long overdue.

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Titanfall 2 available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Origin: Steam Charts

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