Todd Chrisley Teases Tell-All Interview Before Prison Sentence

Todd Chrisley is getting his last word—for now.

Before he and his wife Julie Chrisley prison report is Jan. 17Todd answers all about his family’s legal drama in one final interview—hosted by his son Chased Chrisley.

“I’m looking forward to that interview, not because it’s a softball interview,” Todd told Chase on December 29 episode in his Chrisley’s Confessions podcast. “You said, ‘Am I allowed to ask all the hard questions?’ And I said, ‘You can ask me anything. I’m your father.'”

In addition to questions from Chase, fans will be able to submit questions for a Q&A. And as the reality star joked, “Nothing is off-limits.”

“Some people want to interview [me] might say, ‘I know this might be an uncomfortable question,'” Todd added. “No, we’re good at the truth. The truth is uncomfortable for us.”

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