Tom Hanks’ Honorary Harvard Degree Proves He’s In a League of His Own

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood to receive a degree at Harvard—just ask Tom Hanks.

The Oscar winner was awarded a honorary doctorate of arts at Harvard University on May 25 before taking the podium as the 2023 Commencement speaker.

While speaking, Tom joked that—unlike graduates before him—he received his degree “without doing a single bit of work, without spending any time in class, without once going to the library ,” each People.

“I don’t know much about Latin,” Tom continued at the Tercentenary Theater in Harvard Yard, “I have no real love for enzymes, and world public policy is something I scan the newspaper for.” before I did Wordle.”

Jokes aside, Tom, who studied at Chabot College and California State University, Sacramento, gave a powerful message about resisting “the indifference of a man who is tired of the struggle.”

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