Tony Hawk Joins Goldfinger On Stage To Sing “Superman”: Watch

In one of the best trick combos ever pulled, Goldfinger brought out Tony Hawk to create “Superman,” their unique single featuring the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game soundtrack.

The skateboarding legend joined the veteran ska band on stage at their show in Anaheim, California on January 14, and was introduced by Goldfinger frontman John Feldmann as “Mr. Tony Fucking Hawk” before handing the microphone over to him completely. He began the rendition by calmly asking the crowd “How are you?” before the band suddenly launched into the track as Hawk, still gathering speed, casually added “I hope you know this song. Are you ready? Here we go.”

Although Hawk still makes for a better skater than singer, the show is a symbolic gesture that celebrates the long-standing connection between the two entities thanks to the inclusion of Goldfinger’s career making in 1999 video game soundtrack. Hawk explained the fateful decision before leaving the stage, saying, “That song has defined our video game series for decades. It’s an honor to finally join these guys.”

He also signed off with a challenge to the audience: “Do a kickflip!” Courtsey of Consequence reader Eric Girard, watch footage of the performance and what Hawk had to say afterward below.

Hawk’s recent collaboration with Goldfinger isn’t the first time he’s taken a skate down memory lane Pro Skaters playlists in mind. Besides “Superman,” he previously “covered” Millencolin’s “No tobacco,” featured on the soundtrack for the 2000’s Pro Skater 2 by Tony Hawkand stars in the accompanying music video, which recreates the retro graphics from the early iterations of the game.

“Superman” is also included in the 2020 remaster on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

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