Top Trending Google Searches of 2022 Revealed

What celebrities are looking for children?

However Amber Heard welcome daughter Oonagh Paige Heard last year, he still remains a popular search trend this year.

In addition, users search Rihannahis son, his son accepted in May. She first confirmed her pregnancy in January, that is announced with sweet photos taken in New York City.

In the world of KarJenner, Kylie Jennerof second child with Travis Scott also a search trend, as well Khloe Kardashiansecond child of Tristan Thompson.

What are celebrity duos looking for?

In terms of celebrity duos being sought after together, Will Smith and Chris Bato ahead of search trends.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Also a trend to look after the supermodel raises concerns on the NFL star’s return to the field. The pair divorced in October after 13 years of marriage.

Another pair on the list of top trending searches is Shakira and Gerard Pique. Both confirmed part ways in June after 11 years together, the singer later told the public how “difficult” it was the separation in her and their two sons, Milan9 and Sasha7.

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