Transition From Breakfast Room To Sitting Room

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After a year of using the breakfast room as a bedroom, Matt and I finally moved into the guest room for about a week. after I finished the hallway. In the weeks leading up to this move, I dreamed of getting back to my breakfast room. I gave up our dining room that I used to have in the living room before, so I also dreamed of buying or making a new dining table. After finding a beautiful unfinished pedestal, I decided I wanted to buy that pedestal base and then build the tall and finish the whole table.

Anyway, it has to wait now, because just a few days before we moved into the room, Matt messed up my plans with his announcement that he wanted a recliner where he could sit in the sun.

I will be very honest. I heard the word “recliner” and my heart broke. First of all, where do I put it? And second, that word “recliner” carries an unwanted feeling of fear.

As I repaired and decorated the house, I asked Matt every step of the way what he liked and wanted. He always assured me that he didn’t need a chair anywhere because when he got up, he used his wheelchair. (My husband has MS, so he is confined to a wheelchair and also spends a little time in bed all day.)

But now she has decided that she will spend more time sitting (and less time in bed) if she has a comfortable chair anywhere and doesn’t have to just sit in her wheelchair.

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Mao and, yes. * Sigh * He waited until I finished the living room, finished the music room, finished the guest room, and was about to return the breakfast room to usable order, to speak it to me. So left the home gym or my studio as options for his recliner.

O… the breakfast content. Ugh. The breakfast room. That’s the room that makes sense.

I struggled with the idea one day, but there was no way I could say no. Clearly last year he was really happy to be in the middle of breakfast during the day. It’s the brightest interior of the house during the day, it has a TV inside, and it’s in the middle of the places where I spend most of my days. So last year, he never got into his room. He was really used to it and enjoyed it.

So, breakfast cereal is the natural option. Then came the second issue – finding a recliner that was comfortable for her, and that I could live in a central room in our house.

I was determined to find something unlike a recliner. After much searching and and reading customer reviews, I finally settled this light gray recliner from Wayfair.

I bought two of them so we could sit in the room together and watch TV. They arrived a few days ago, and this is what they look like.

breakfast seating seating room - 1

I love them so much! And more importantly, Matt really wants his new chair. It’s a very good size – not too big, and not too small. I was worried about how it would “fit” Matt because he was 6’1 ″ tall. I was afraid the back might not be long enough to support his head, but it was the one that would work perfectly for him! And it’s comfortable for me too, but I’m not worried about it being right for me because I’m only 5 ’tall.

It’s getting used to for him, because it’s been a while (literally years) since he sat in anything but his wheelchair. But so far, it’s been very good. We even sat with them yesterday and ate lunch while watching a show, and it was so good!

So now our breakfast room is a chair, and now that I know the chair will work for Matt, I want to decorate the interior a little more. I removed the curtains several months ago because on a bed here, the room was really cramped and I didn’t want to have a chance to break the curtains. (Because there are a lot of us here, so is Cooper, and he’s kind of whirlwind strong.) That’s why I have to dig up the empty ones and hang them back.

breakfast in the living room - 2

And because I used a Hoyer lift to get Matt out of his wheelchair in his seat, that means he no longer has to put his wheelchair here in this room. That means I’m sure I can use it here in a place to read. It always excites me to find places where I can actually use rags because if there is a wheelchair facility at home, there aren’t many places where a rag in the area wouldn’t be a problem for him. Actually, the only place I now have a place to read is the living room. I love the books in the area, so I hope to use one here as well.

during breakfast seating the sitting room - 5

And the one with the chandelier. The size and height of the chandelier is more suitable for use on a dining table. With these more than two recliners, it kind of felt like it was coming right in our heads. So for now, I can see the point of finding a flush or semi-flush mount light to use in this interior until we are ready to return it to a proper dining area. That will happen if we build the addition in the back of the house to include a comfortable family space where Matt definitely has a very good, quality recliner where he can sit.

during the breakfast sitting chair - 6

And finally, I wanted to get a small side table with a drawer that we could use between the chairs where I could put my cup, and where we could store the fires.

breakfast served in the sitting room - 7

So while I can’t go back to my breakfast for a while, I was able to shift from disappointment to excitement about having this solution available for Matt and decorated for me. And I love the idea of ​​her continuing to have the ability to spend as much as possible on this space because it’s clearly her favorite room to go to during the day.

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