Travis Van Winkle on Netflix’s FUBAR, Arnold, and More: Podcast

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Travis Van Winkle (you, accepted) sat down with Kyle Meredith to discuss FUBARthe new Netflix series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and a cast of comedians including Fortune Feimster, Adam Pally, Jay Baruchel, and Scott Thompson.

The actor talks about the dysfunctional family of CIA agents that make up the series, the more goofy parts of his character, and what it’s like to work with Schwarzenegger.

“I was in a very strict regime because I had a couple of shirtless scenes, and [Schwarzenegger] I was pulled aside one day and he said, ‘You’re ripped!’” she said. “I blacked out afterwards. I don’t remember anything that happened the rest of the time because Arnold Schwarzenegger told me I was ripped.

We also get to hear his action-movie-walk-up song, sing a Gordon Lightfoot song in one of the episodes, and cry when Pearl Jam is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Van Winkle went on to talk about his work building schools in poor countries, what drives him to volunteer and service, and celebrating his 40th birthday by fighting in Senegal.

Listen to travis van winkle chat about FUBAR and more in the new podcast episode above, or watch the chat via the YouTube player below. Also check Schwarzenegger’s appearance in the Kyle Meredith Other… for the action star in his first TV series.

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