Twerking and Tearjerker: Inside Xscape & SWV Verzuz Battle

SWV also produced a medley of hits, including songs from their 1992 debut album Part Time like “I’m So Into You” and their signature power ballad “Weak,” which even has Halle berry fanning outside. The Oscar -winning actress asked for the event, writing in the comments, “Love all the girls, thank you for making me beautiful on my weekend.”

It’s a night of celebration – for those here and those who are lost. SWV introduced their song “When U Cry” and shared the impact the track made with a deeper meaning and gained new fans after the demise of Kim Porter at the age of 47 in 2018. “For some reason,‘ When U Cry ’was added to a video of him and it was a beautiful video,” Taj recalls. “And the song just started. So tonight, we just want to pay tribute to Kim. We miss you. We love you.”

Lelee sought to expand the dedication, adding, “And all the fallen soldiers, like all we’ve lost recently. We’re lost DMX. Nawala ta Black Rob. A lot of bad things are coming up. Andre Harrell. So, all the pioneers of R&B and hip-hop music, we just want to dedicate this song to everyone tonight. “

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