Twilight Creators Shares Surprising New Secrets Behind the Movie

21. After her blonde hair died in the role of Cullen family member Rosalie in the first film, Nikki Reed chose to wear a wig for the rest of the series to protect her hair. “My hair fell out,” he said revealed on MTV to injury. “It took 36 hours in the beginning for me to be blond, and every day, I whiten my head and my skin. This time, we try on different wigs and things.”

22. More wig woes: After cutting her hair to play Joan Jett on The Runaways, Stewart had to wear a wig Eclipse, one that got a lot of eyebrow raising. Leading to Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Stewart assured fans that he would shake his own hair and Summit revealed that he never wanted to cut his hair in the first place.

“They would hate me for it, but they offered me a lot of laughs … a lot of funny things not to do that,” he said. George Lopez in 2010. “I totally understand, I just thought we had a better … wig, and, uh, it’s OK, we’re working on it, and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully it’s OK now.”

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