Twitter reversed the timeline changes after two weeks

Twitter Employees experienced a kind of déjà vu this week after the social media site returned to a major change in its user experience.

The company changed its mind on a decision to make the algorithm-generated “For You” tab the default for users. As of Tuesday, Twitter users will once again be able to see a feed of posts from people they follow when they visit the site.

The decision to push the “For you” tab was a particularly unpopular one, leaving many Twitter users confused as to why so many people they don’t follow are showing up on their timeline. While the “For You” option isn’t going away, the company says timelines will now default to where you left them the last time you visited.

Currently, the update is only for users who visit Twitter via the Web. An update to the iOS and Android apps is coming soon.

Twitter first started emphasizing the recommended feed two weeks ago.

The sudden change reminds of suddenly part-face on Twitter Blue last November. The company stopped the project pushed by Elon Musk after several trolls started posing as celebrities and businesses on the site.

For some long-time users, however, the move brings a stronger sense of memory, as the company has tried to push algorithm-based feeds beforeonly to force users to change.

In 2016, Twitter created a version of the “For You” tab. Users were not happy, but it was almost two years before the company agreed and restored the chronological timeline in 2018. And last year, it introduced tabs at the top of its page, labeled “Home” and “Latest”—with “Home” being the default option.

Within four days, it recognized its mistake amid user revolt and reverted to “Latest”

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