Two Favorite James Bond Movies by Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is a huge fan of the James Bond franchise, and here are his two favorite entries in the series and how they inspire his work.

Christopher Nolan is a vocal fan of the franchise, and here are his two favorites James Bond movies. Christopher Nolan is just one of the few mainstream filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino who can sell a film in their name alone. While Nolan is a little up the sleeve about his film influences, he doesn’t hide his favorite films or filmmakers. He quotes the likes of Blade Runner and heat for so great an effect upon him and admitted his admiration of all from Alfred Hitchcock to Fast and Angry saga.

Christopher Nolan is also a big fan of The James Bond film franchise, which is clearly visible from his filmography. While he puts incredible spins on both, 2010’s dash and 2020s Tenet is the essence of his take on a 007 adventure. They are both beautiful, globetrotting adventures with lots of setpieces and spies to usank. Tenet, in particular, felt that the director had taken the desire to make a Bond film out of his system. Even his Dark Knight The films contain their share of Bondian elements such as unique gadgets or filming of unique places.


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Nolan has stated several times that he is open to directing a James Bond film, but should be allowed to put his stamp on the series and reinvent it. Christopher Nolan’s favorite Bond actor is Timothy Dalton, who the director feels is still the closest to 007 found in Ian Fleming’s original novels. His two favorite James Bond films, however, were around 1977 The Spy Who Loves Me and 1969 In Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

During a 2012 Q&A (via IndieWire), Nolan stated in The Spy Who Loves Me: “One of the first films I remember seeing was The Spy Who Loved Me and at one point the Bond films stuck in my head as a good example of the scope and scale of the big pictures. That idea of ​​taking you to other places, of riding you if you can believe it – in The Spy Who Loved Me the Lotus Esprit turned into a submarine and it was absolutely convincing, and it would move and you would go “Wow that’s unbelievable. ” The James Bond series has been really problematic in the past The Spy Who Loves Me, as in Roger Moore’s previous outing The Man with the Golden Barrel the series is about to end after being poorly received.

The Spy Who Loves Me doubled the elements audiences wanted from the series; the action, the romance, the gadgets and humor, and is now considered one of the best in the series. The Spy Who Loves Me influence can be felt most of Tenet, with its mix of globe-hopping adventure and romance. Some of Nolan fan favorite In Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which was Bond’s first adventure to come after Sean Connery left the role.

In Her Majesty’s Secret Service George Lazenby has been cast as the new 007, and while it has received mixed release reviews, it is now loved by devotees of the series. During a 2010 conversation with Empire, Christopher Nolan said “I think ‘Her Majesty’ Secret Service is my favorite Bond. It’s one hell of a movie, it’s so good. ”It’s the fact that the film is more emotional and textured than most of 007’s other outings that makes Nolan love it so much.What I like about it that we try to follow in this film is that there is a great balance of action, scale, and romance and tragedy and emotion. Of all the Bond films, this is the most emotional. “

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This is the combination of elements found in dash, especially the complex love story between the characters of Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard. Christopher Nolan’s favorite James Bond The films show his deep connection to the series, and how they help shape his love of movies. For reasons, it will be interesting to see what he can do on his own taking on the character, who currently has a clean slate to follow. Leaving Daniel Craig with No Time to Die.

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