Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra prove that they are Even More Strong

Things continue to look pink Country Bachelorthe Tyler Cameron and Instagram models Camila Kendra.

The couple was not afraid to hide their love for each other while walking in New York City on Monday, May 3, where they were photographed as they walked.

The image, seen below, shows Tyler, the best-known runner-up from Hannah Brownseason in 2019 at The Bachelorette, wearing a comfortable flannel button-up white T-shirt. Meanwhile, Camila stayed warm in a black denim jacket and printed cargo pants.

Even if no one has yet made the relationship official on Instagram, it appears that things continue to heat up for the couple who were first seen together in January of photos taken exclusively by E! NEwS.

In March, a source connected to Tyler, 28, told E! News that the couple “really serious. “

The former landlord shared, “She finally feels like she can form a relationship and she really likes Camila. They spend a lot of time together and later can’t be separated.”

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