Ubisoft Announces Focus on ‘High-End’ Free Games Alongside AAA

A recent revenue call from Ubisoft reveals that the developer-publisher intends to put more focus on free-to-play games than in previous years.

A recent one Ubisoft The revenue call revealed that the developer-publisher intends to put more focus on “high-end free-to-play” games than in previous years. Ubisoft is commonly known for many different ongoing franchises, such as Far Cry, The Assassin’s Creed, and several Tom Clancy series. It could easily become one of the most well -known gaming companies.

However, one thing Ubisoft has never penetrated is the free-to-play market. More specifically, the games-as-a-service models are mostly not in Ubisoft releases (other than Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Tom Siege). This is a model that places high value on microtransactions, DLC, and expansions instead of new titles. Games like Fortnite this method is proven to pay the bills. Just now, it was revealed as a game that is available for free on almost every gaming platform, Fortnite pulled in $ 9 billion in revenue in 2018 and 2019. Even the best -selling video games have historically been hard to come by to make this kind of income in their lives based on sales.

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Knowing this, it looks like Ubisoft will try to take action. On Tuesday, VGC reports a revenue call to Ubisoft with in -depth details from CFO Frederick Duguet about the studio’s plan to put additional resources into free -to -play experiences. Ubisoft has come to identify itself with its great, solo player experience. Now, the plan isbe sure [high-end free-to-play games are] a strong contributor to the long-term expansion of the overall brand…“Duguet continues to express interest in the company in making such games”of all our most numerous franchises on all platforms…“This likely means fans can expect affordable experiences from their favorite Ubisoft IPs, in addition to the company’s upcoming popular titles, As Far Cry 6.

Initially, it was believed that this could mean Ubisoft would move away from the usual titles, despite the success and customer loyalty gained from these projects. However, in response to a Tweet from Geoff Keighley about the news, Facebook Facebook logo Sign up for Facebook to connect with Sean Lama, a Senior Analyst for Ubisoft, assured fans that these free -to -play adventures could be more than they expected from the company. This means that fans can be welcomed almost every year on The Assassin’s Creed games and other AAA titles.

This news will come a few days later the notice of Tom Clancy of The Heartland Division, a free -to -play game that serves as a way to expand Ubisoft’s The Division sequentially. If Duguet wasn’t convincing enough at the time of his earnings calls, it really showed Ubisoft’s intentions. The game will no doubt push microtransactions and has simple, addictive gameplay loops the way most free games do. Ubisoft hopes to get out of the game -free market with this game, a move that will open up the series and company to a much wider audience.

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