Ulta Skincare Deal Starts at $ 13: Mario Badescu, Boscia & More

In the bottle, it an oil, but if it comes in contact with water, it becomes a more, milky lotion that cleanses the body while you bathe. It cleanses, nourishes, and softens the skin.

It’s one of those products you’ll keep buying once you try it, with one Ulta shopper sharing, “It’s the best thing I’ve used to shave. Close to smell, skin softness, or effectiveness while shaving than this.The hair comes out immediately, just curls and leaves your skin very smooth but not greasy.Like I came out of the spa.I have some holy grail products, a list of about 5 product and it after a use I KNOW is on that list !! “

Another person echoed similar sentiments, saying, “I really like this. It smells and feels so good on your skin. I never thought it would be an oil cleanser, but it’s actually made from oil. which mixes with water and becomes a silky gentle cleanser.I will buy more and more from this line I really like this product and I recommend everyone to try it.

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