Under Zero Subnautica 2 (& Why It’s Confusing)

First a DLC expansion of the original game, Subnautica: Under Zero is now releasing as a standalone title. Is it made of Subnautica 2?

Living underwater is cool Subnautica: Below Zero, released as a full game in mid -May. Put in the same world as the original Subnautica game, players will take on new challenges, explore new biomes, and try to survive on a fierce, alien planet. However, Subnautica: Below Zero left some players confused as to whether this was a real, stand-alone sequel, for its initial purpose as DLC for the first game.

Subnautica follows the story of a sunken spacer that falls to earth on an alien planet. The planet, 4546B, is covered primarily with water, so the only option to stabilize is to build an underwater submarine and explore the danger of the sea floor for destruction and natural resources, all of which building towards the hope of getting out. While starting to Subnatica seems like an open game to save, as the player found other abandoned bases and timber tapes, it became clear that something even worse had happened under 4546B

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Below zero originally intended to be DLC for the first Subnautica, adding new monsters and areas with a frozen theme. Released by Early Access in January 2019, progress on the scope of the project has begun, but messaging whether it will be a full-fledged sequence has remained unclear for a long time, running out of water. Below zeroThe situation as a self -expanding spinoff or a real “Subnautica 2. “

Subnautica: Under Zero Sold As A Sequel

Subnautica Reaper Leviathans Bio Scan

This is said to have been said or implied by The Unknown World in February 2021 PCGamesN talk about that Subnautica: Below Zero si “never a complete sequel. “To that point, text the officer Subnautica The website itself still hasn’t made a specific reference to this one in a row, and its Steam page says it “a new chapter in the Subnautica universe. “However, in a inverted talk was published the same day as PCGamesN ‘s, project leader David Kalina said, “at this point, it’s a sequel. It’s a new world, a new story, new creatures. “

The fact was not fully confirmed until late February; in the first seconds of the trailer for Subnautica: Below Zeroearly access to Seaworthy Update, Unknown World called the game “Next to Subnautica, “which appears to be the first public discussion of it thus. Below zero there is a price to match, retails for $ 29.99 on PC and consoles – same as the original game.

While the majority were generally positive, some Early Access reviews were in Steam say Below zero not as wide or well -worked as the original Subnautica, with many saying that it still feels like DLC. It remains to be seen whether Subnautica: Below ZeroThe full release may resolve this, but those who enjoy the original may also find diving back into the alien ocean compelling, even if it’s not as big or complicated as the first game.

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Origin: Unknown World

Subnautica: Below Zero comes to PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Switch on May 14, 2021.

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