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“All” – Darby

Melbourne based producer, Darby, celebrates their first solo release with bitbird. “Everything” is a strange combination of euphoric future bass, UK garage, and hyperpop. The song was created during an intense one-hour call with friends and follows official bitbird remixes for the likes of San Holo and Tsu Nami.

“Where” – Forehead

Berlin-based producer and violinist, Paji, recently shared his new single “Hewa,” a track that seamlessly combines electronic sounds with live instruments, including the signature violin by Paji, to create a dynamic and emotional journey that takes the audience flying above the clouds.

“It’s Here” – Horace Bray, Teddy Roxpin, Smile High,

Part of his first album with independent imprint, Nettwerk, Smile High’s Snack Pack featured collaborations with Horace Bray and Teddy Roxpin, with “There It Is” serving as a stunning showcase of the album’s lively, organic sound.

“Feel Something” – Late Night Therapy

Rising Australian producer Late Night Therapy has just unveiled his latest single, “Feel Something,” which showcases his refreshing take on progressive house. The invigorating beats, echoing synths, and haunting vocal layers of “Feel Something” make it a powerful and uplifting addition to the artist’s ever-expanding discography.

“One Dream” – ROHO

An intoxicating teaser from ROHO’s upcoming five-track EP, “Dream One” is filled with smooth keys, groovy drum layers, and soft guitar melodies. dubbed Footprintsthe new project mixes the upcoming beat rhythm with jazz and soul and will arrive later this year.

“Hold the world in your hands” – 44 Ardent

Australian producer 44 Ardent is on a roll, regularly releasing singles in 2022, culminating in his highly praised debut EP,deep down. With his latest single, “hold the world in your hands,” he continues to explore breathtaking soundscapes while delivering a powerful message about our responsibility as caretakers of the planet.

“Lights” – Walk HEALTHY

LA-based DJ and producer Dea Magna just teamed up with French talent KAYA for “Lights,” a dynamic mix of melodic and deep house that showcases the best of both styles. artist. The track features a pulsing bassline and crisp percussive elements, and takes listeners on an emotional journey, from melancholic to hopeful and uplifted.

“Ania Na” – BOSA, Red Giant Project, & Emma Lucia

BOSA’s latest EP,contrary, showcases a distinctive sound that combines underground house music with a forward-thinking, globally-influenced aesthetic. One of the standout tracks from the EP is “Here It Comes,” a collaboration with Red Giant Project and Emma Lucia that captivates with emotive vocals and intense basslines.

“Prophet” – Woo York

Established duo Woo York recently unveiled their latest EP,Samus, via Watergate Records. With their love for innovation once again shown in the second track of the EP, the title comes from the Prophet 12 synthesizer used to create it. “Prophet” is characterized by unconventional rhythms and catchy vocals, as well as an emotionally charged synth line that creates a distinct sonic texture typical of the duo’s style.

“Look At It” – Jakk’d, HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, $on-$hine

Los Angeles-based duo Jakk’d teamed up with HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, and $on-$hine to create an irresistible summer house anthem, “CHECK IT.” the track features upbeat rhythms, catchy vocal chops, a groovy bassline, and irresistible brass layers.

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