Understanding the Root of Your Child’s Misbehavior

Why are children misbehaving?

According to Dr. Kevin Leman, all bad manners are a search for attention. If your kids don’t get attention from you in positive ways, they will get it in negative ways.

There are four goals of bad behavior:

  1. Attention-“I will only count if others notice me and serve me.”
  2. Power – “I only count if others do what I want them to do if I want them to do it.”
  3. Revenge-“I only count if I hurt others as much as I hurt.”
  4. Showing disability – “I’m not good. I have no value. I couldn’t do it right, so why try? ”

Once you understand why your child is not doing well, the next important question is: what will you do about it?

First, listen and support. Forget your child’s bad behavior enough to let them know you love them. Ask how they feel … then listen. Kids want to know someone cares they, not just in their behavior.

Second, as much as possible, allow your child to experience the consequences of their poor choices. Don’t save them from bad decisions too early or too often. Hold them accountable by allowing the fact that they can be teachers.

Dr. Leman says effective discipline is about balancing love and consequences. Children thrive when their parents reinforce them while expecting them to be accountable to themselves.

Many more. Dr. Leman joins us on our Family Broadcast Focus ”Understanding the Root of Your Child’s Misbehavior”To share how to expose your child’s moaning, repetitive, and tantrums, and how to offer them love and acceptance without hugging them.

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