Unique Acorn Cap Glitter Christmas Ornament

If you’re looking for a truly one -of -a -kind glitter Christmas decoration, then don’t look! With a combination of simple making materials and fall elements, this acorn cap decoration can be something you love to make and love to show off. Make your own unique little addition to your tree with this great idea!

decoration with acorn cap hanging on christmas tree

Acorn Cap Glitter Ornament

This acorn cap glitter ornament is perfect for the holidays. This is a beautiful craft that you can use with your kids to enjoy this festive time of the year! It’s a fun twist on any other kind of glitter decoration and I know you’ll love it.

Make several of these glitter ornaments, in different colors or as a set of the same colors. You can also give these cute decorations as a gift. Kids love to make it and see it displayed on the tree.

If you like ideas that sparkle, you might like them DIY sparkly decorations idea or even it plastic bottle snowflake decoration. Both add just enough glitter to pop against the holiday lights!

round glitter wood table decoration by green

What Do I Use as the Basis for This Decoration?

If you are going to make the base of this decoration, you will want to make sure that you are using a round solid object. I use the styrofoam ball I like to use because it is easy to find and it is not expensive. Styrofoam also stands out well in this glittering Christmas decoration.

You can make your own paper mache ball, a small plastic ball that you can glue things to, or even use a wooden bead or ball that you can glue acorns and glitter to before hanging.

glitter holiday decorations themed paper

How Do I Secure the Twine for Hanging?

The easiest way to secure the rope is to push it into the styrofoam ball. Then you want to make sure it is firmly attached by adding glue on top of it. This provides extra support to ensure that the glitter decoration does not fall on the wood.

I also wrapped the fishing line in the ball then glued the acorns on top of it to keep it going. That gives you a way to hang it in a clear line without distracting from the ornament or wood decoration.

white ornaments behind the glitter ornaments on the blue table

Should I Use Glitter?

I love glitter and I use it on everything. however, if you don’t stuff glitter or you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. You want to make sure you fill in the gaps around the acorns with something.

If you choose to skip the glitter, paint is a good option to fill in the lids and cover the base. Of course, if you’re using plastic or wood beads, you’ll want to paint it before you put the acorn lids on so it’s all covered.

woman holding glitter ornament in hands

How Do I Customize My Ornament?

It’s one of those unique ideas that can never be duplicated every time, so customizing it is ideal. You can easily change things up with different colors or even a different ribbon on top of the decoration. I also like the idea of ​​adding a jingle bell at the top through the bow so that it makes a noise with every move of it on the trunk.

Other ideas include using beads, sequins, rhinestones, or similar items around acorn caps instead of glitter. You can even use raffia, rope, yarn, or other materials for hanging the tree to give it a more rustic look!

white table behind pink and red glitter decoration

Should I Clean Acorn Caps Before Working With Them?

Every time you use materials you can find outside of the manufacture, you want to clean them. It will get rid of germs and fungus that can grow on it. It will also help them last longer. You want to clean the acorn caps with vinegar solution or you can use bleach solution. Everyone is good. Then, let the acorn caps dry.

hand holding glitter ornament with acorn cap in front of tree

Supplies are needed

acorn caps ribbon and scissors on white table

How to Make an Acorn Cap Glitter Christmas Ornament

Cut and tie a length of yarn into a loop, then push the tied end into the top of the styrofoam ball. Add hot glue around the area to secure the inside of the ball to hang.

pushing the rope over the styrofoam ball

Glue the acorn caps to the styrofoam ball leaving a small space between each.

sticking acorn caps on ornament

Add the glue between all the gaps, then sprinkle the glitter and tap to remove any excess. Repeat until all open spaces are covered with glitter or an acorn cap.

glitter under the white table decoration

Cut the gold and red ribbon and tie it with a bow.

hands tying the red bow

Stick the small bell in the middle of the bow.

Then attach the bow and bell to the top of the rope loop above.

finger holding a bell over the ornament

Hang your holiday tree!

glitter ornaments hanging on the holiday tree

Easier Ornament DIY Tutorial

If you want to make some decorations from the left for your tree, we have many ideas that will easily fit into your craft list this year. Make sure you bookmark the ideas, print the tutorials, or pin them to your Christmas Pinterest board to get it done right away!

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The glittering acorn cap ornament held in the hands of the women

This unique acorn cap glitter Christmas ornament is a perfect addition to your holiday tree this year with a fun twist of rustic and natural elements as part of your holiday decor!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost
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You can use glitter glue to glue the acorns and in between them if you want to cut some work involved.

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Completed Project Gallery

round pink glitter wood decoration by greenery

It’s so much fun to make and the kids love that they help you collect acorn caps!

decorative acorn cap on white table

Add some glitter colors to make it a rainbow look instead of just a solid color!

The glittering acorn cap ornament held in the hands of the women

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