Upcycled Plastic Bottle Penguin Kids Craft

This adorable little penguin is perfect for tricky kids of all ages! With nothing but a few simple supplies and a little creativity, you can make your own plastic penguin bottle to add to your holiday decorations. She is the perfect addition to any winter themed decorations and makes a great gift. Plus, while it includes some painting, it’s a fun idea for kids to do!

mini bottle penguin with blue hat held in hands

Plastic Bottle Penguin

Our DIY plastic bottle penguin craft is a fun way to recycle your old plastic bottles to be useful. It’s also an easy project that kids enjoy doing with their parents. You can even make this gift! This adorable little guy would look great on any table or shelf or even as something as useful as a plant holder. I love how adorable this little guy is and know that everything is possible too!

If you want to use more of your old plastic bottles, this is it upcycled plastic bottle Santa boot a great addition to your holiday mantle or table centerpiece. Here is another Santa boot ideas based on an empty bottle. So great to add to your holiday tables!

craft the penguin on the white table

What Size Bottle Should I Use?

To make this plastic penguin bottle you can use any kind of soda bottle. Depending on how you make your penguin can help you decide what size soda bottle to use. Small bottles are great for small areas while large bottles, such as a 2-liter soda bottle, can be used if the penguin is displayed in a larger space.

The thing to keep in mind when choosing a bottle is that you want it to have a slight “waist” curve to give it a more natural look. Of course, any bottle can be painted to create a beautiful penguin look for your winter decoration.

black and blue penguin craft on teal mantel

What Paint Should I Use on a Plastic Bottle?

You want to make sure you use acrylic paint when you paint the plastic bottle. Most other paints do not stick to the bottle. If you find that the paint does not stick to the bottle, you can sand it a little with sandpaper. It gives the paint something to stick to.

The outside of the bottle is sprayed with white spray paint, but you can use basic craft paint if you like. The spray paint is really to give the bottle a base so that it is no longer translucent.

If you want this plastic penguin bottle to last longer, you can add sealer on top of the paint. There are different types, like spray sealer or brush like Mod Podge. This will help the paint not break and the craft will stay beautiful for a longer period of time. Plus, it adds a little shiny shine to the bottle which is nice when displayed.

black and blue penguin decoration on white table with lights

What Are Other Ways I Can Decorate My Penguin?

After painting the penguin, you can add a lot of decorations. Kids will enjoy adding glitter, sequins, or other fun trinket. Another idea is to add snow to the bottom of the penguin. What is a penguin without snow? You want to make sure not to add snow to the bottom of the bottle. It can be difficult to stand the bottle.

If you’re feeling more creative, you can use another bottle of soda and make it an igloo. After cutting the bottle, make a flat equal edge along the cut edge, paint the bottle white and outline the blocks with black paint. Then add snow around the igloo.

bottle penguin in fake snow with blue background

What Can It Be Used For?

This cute plastic penguin bottle can be used for many things around the house.

  • Pencil Holder- Place it on a desk or in the office and use it as a pencil or pen holder. You can use it to hold other things you need on your desk.
  • Plant Holder- Kids can make this as a gift for everyone on their list. Depending on the type of plant you are adding to the plastic penguin bottle, you will need to add holes in the bottle drain. The plastic penguin bottle can also be used as a vase of cut flowers.
  • Decoration- You can place this penguin on the coat, on a shelf, or near a tree. You can add small decorative stones, such as the kind used for plants, to the bottom of the bottle so that they don’t fall off.

upcycled bottle penguin on white table

Supplies are needed

plastic soda bottles white spray paint and craft white table paint

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Penguin

Cut out two empty soda bottles. Discard the ends of the spout.

woman using craft knife to cut soda bottle in half

Place the bottles next to each other to form a small bottle with ends on both sides.

woman blue putting soda bottoms

Spray the white paint on the bottle and set it to dry.

white spray paint bottles

When the bottle is completely dry, start using the black marker to draw the body and outline of the penguin.

hand using the marker to draw the body of the penguin bottle

Paint a black line about 1 ″ below the “face” and 1/4 ″ above the surface.

drawing and hand painting on white bottles

Fill the bottom half of the bottle with black paint, then add the black paint to the line above the open surface you drew. Put it to dry.

hand painting black penguin body

When dry, use the black marker to draw two circles for the eyes.

black marker making penguin eyes

Then an orange marker for the nose triangle.

hand holding an orange marker to draw a penguinf ace's nose

Paint the tip of the penguin blue.

blue hand painting on penguin body

Then use blue paint to add a “neck” scarf and hang it over the body then set aside to dry.

hand painted blue scarf on upcycled bottle penguin

When dry, apply a small amount of shiny pipe cleaner around the top of the penguin at the base on the blue side to make a cap.

white pipe cleaner on top of penguin bottle

Stick the blue pom pom on top of the penguin.

hand holding a blue pom pom on top of the bottle

Now, add some white dots to the hat and scarf as decoration.

hand painted white dots on blue penguin scarf

Allow to dry before showing off your coat.

woman wearing a pink sweater holding a plastic penguin bottle

Easier Baby Crafts

If you love penguins as much as I do, then you will love the ideas below. Check them out then bookmark the ones you love the most. You can also easily print out their instructions or pin them on a holiday crafting Pinterest board.

Reach: 1

plastic bottle penguin on blue table

Make empty soda bottles into a beautiful upcycled plastic penguin bottle that is the ideal winter craft for the baby!

Active Time
20 minutes

More Time
1 hour

Total Time
1 hour 20 minutes


Estimated Cost
$ 1


Make this little penguin with any color hat and scarf you want.

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